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Quit Being A Troll

Sup, dude… (Pardon the scruff #NoShaveNovember) I’ve gotta get something off my chest. I was chatting (virtually) with one of my subscribers the other day and what he shared inspired today’s message.He asked, “Strength, what is it? Is it defined by the goals I read on the SF forum? Is it being able to press half bw or […]

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The Worst Election Outcome For You

I see it all over social media. And I must admit. I got caught up in the drama. You have one side who thinks the worst possible outcome is Biden winning the election. Then you have the other side of the isle who thinks… it would be Trump’s legal challenge prevailing, flipping the result… and securing him a […]

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I was kickin’ back at my desk reading this morning before cracking my computer open ~10am… I’m currently in the middle of “Legacy, what the All Blacks can teach us about the business of life.” GREAT READ. Any whoo – I opened my computer to an email response from a reader of last weeks email: “The ONE […]

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You’re Not Alone Brother

Last week I ran an interesting experiment. I polled and surveyed several dozen men, husbands, and fathers. What I learned about how men are feeling. What they’re thinking. And what they’re experiencing…  was interesting to say the least. Here are the 9 most common life-challenges men are experiencing right now: Balancing work, family, and alone time is non-existent.They lack belief in themselves and what’s […]

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