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The World is Lost

The world is lost… and it’s going to require virtuous MEN to bring it back.

But where are all the “men?”

Today we live in a world of uninitiated men. Men who lack identity and don’t know whether or not we have what it takes.

The Catholic Church has failed us when it comes to letting us know we are men. And we live society which has no clue on how to properly initiate men.

Initiation requires men knowing who they are.

It requires men knowing their NAME and answers the questions of a man’s soul.

“Am I a man?”
“Do I have what it takes?”

Answers only your father (or other men) possess.

The world cannot answer them.

The realm of the feminine can’t answer the questions.

The answers must come from other men further along the journey than yourself. Initiation requires men facing a series of trials and tests.

It requires a man facing his “enemy.”

And this “enemy” is yourself.

The closest thing we have today to initiate men is… getting our drivers license and having sex. We’re void of challenge. Absent are the tests and trials by fire.

There is no gauntlet in the wilderness to face.

But there’s hope for men.

After 21 years on the mat I’ve come to the realization that… Jiu-Jitsu IS male initiation.

On the mat you’re welcomed into a community of other men further along the journey than yourself.

This is important because… you can’t learn from men your own age or from men in the same place on the journey as yourself.

And within this community you will be taught by other men.

You will be tested.

… and you will submit to another man.

All things today men need but… their fragile ego can’t handle.

Deep down in a man’s soul he desires these tests.

He desires being encouraged, feared and/or revered by other men. He craves a a deeper connection with his fellow man. Whether he knows it or not... he wants to be vulnerable so he can heal the wounds of his past.

Only today he’s taught...

Vulnerability is weakness!

Vulnerability isn’t safe.

In the lost modern world… the mat is the only place a man can be fully initiated into who he is.

A place where he’s not in control—and will be vulnerable.

A place where he discovers himself and his true potential.

It’s where he discover his purpose.

Thanks for reading man.

I'm pullin' for ya.

hec g.


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