I was kickin’ back at my desk reading this morning before cracking my computer open ~10am… I’m currently in the middle of “Legacy, what the All Blacks can teach us about the business of life.”


Any whoo - I opened my computer to an email response from a reader of last weeks email: "The ONE THING stopping you from wild success in your life"

What he shared... coupled with what I was reading… was a sign from Christ I needed to write you today.

So here I am.

Check it out.

Men don’t make powerful decisions and take massive action to change their situation because they lack values and a vision.


The result?

More wasted time.

Unnecessary failures.

Money flushed down the toilet.

More time away from the family.

The list is long.

The underlying cause of the lack of decisions and action?

Here it is.

If a man isn’t clear on what he values, it’s damn near impossible to cast a vision of the life he wants to create. Without a vision he can’t discover his purpose in this world.

Without a purpose… he has no strategy (knowing what actions to take) to create his reality. It’s not that he doesn't “know what to do” - de facto... he lacks clarity on his values.

Once these pieces are in place… he unveils something worth suffering for and will do WHATEVER it takes to get it done.

A lack on time won’t stop him.
A lack of money won’t stop him.
His circle of influence wont stop hit.

Nothing will.

So what do you value my friend?

You can have all the will power in the world but without values in place… your strategy means nothing. And worse… the WRONG values will hand you the WRONG strategy on a silver platter.

Leading to more frustration and doubt of what’s possible for you.

Here’s what I know to be true.

Your thoughts set your values.

Your values lead to a vision (of what’s possible).

(After all, how can you hit a target you can’t see?)

Your vision leads to your purpose.

Purpose leads to the right strategy.

The right strategy leads to ACTION!

And right action leads to MASSIVE RESULTS.

But it all starts with Values and a Vision.

Ipso facto...


If you’re tired of where you’re at.

Still in the same place for the last 6+ months… because you’ve been trying to figure everything out on your own... which only steals MORE TIME from your family like a thief in the night.

You’ve bought programs… attended courses and yet - haven’t taken action…

then you gotta check out the FREE LIVE WORKSHOP I'm hosting this coming Saturday morning (15 August) @ 11:00 CDT.

In the workshop - I’m gonna help men uncover their value systems.

Cast a legacy-grade vision.

Discover their purpose so they can take the right actions and see massive success in their lives.

And lead their family from the front - with strength and confidence.

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[•] Strategically align your “3 BIG ROCKS” for massive action.

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Without these pieces… the undertow of life will continue to trap, pull, and toss you in every direction.

See ya Saturday.

hec g.