BEFORE your next kettlebell workout - Strong As Hec

Sup, dude...

Today I wanna share 21+ years of experience with you (hope it helps you out?)

I think you and I can agree...

There’s so much information today on the inter-webs about strength training with kettlebells.

It’s easy to get caught up in the "noise."

If I had to start all over again when it came to learning how to use kettlebells…

… and how to start training Jiu-Jitsu (or maybe I was preparing for a competition).

Here’s what I would do.

And here’s what I recommend for you before you consider another kettlebell workout routine, program, etc.

Focus on the Concepts.

"I put together a playlist of quick kettlebell concepts to help you master your skills to crush your next kettlebell workout.."

You can watch it here...

That’s it.

21 years of experience summed up into 4 words.

Get clear on "WHY" before you start the "HOW."

Here's why this is important.

All the kettlebell workouts in the world.

All the deadlift programs in the world.

MEAN NOTHING if you don’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Make sense?

  • If you don’t understand...

    Why you’re gripping the bell a certain way.
    Why you're setting up your feet a certain way.
    Why you’re breathing a certain way.
    Why certain rest periods are designed the way they are.

    How can you possibly see long term progress?

The answer is... you can't.

In the Strength community you hear a lot about strength being a "skill" and you should...

"Practice" and not "Workout."

I believe this to be true and even teach the concept.

But I have a question for ya.

  • How can you practice said skills (and techniques) if you don’t understand why are you doing them?

When you understand why you're setting up the way you’re setting up.
When you understand why you’re gripping the bell a certain way.

Only then can you practice the concepts.
Only then can you practice your skills.

(IMPORTANT: Notice I use the word understand and not know. E.g., 'when you understand' vs. 'when you know.' BIG difference. Knowing is one thing... understanding is in a league of its own. Understanding leads to wisdom.)

When you practice concepts long enough.

... they manifest themselves in your training session.

Everything become automatic.

... On auto pilot.

So when it’s time to strength train.When it’s time to follow a program.

You don’t have to think about it.

Strength should be reflexive.

And the only way for it to be reflexive is for strength to become a skill through your understanding of the concepts.

This is how you train for the long-haul.

It's how you train for longevity.

If you’ve been running into a little "bumps on the road."

... and have been dealing with nagging aches and pains…

This can be an indicator...

You don’t understand the concepts of strength training.

And that's ok.

It's not your fault.

Just food for thought.

hec g.

P.S. if you're not seeing the results you envisioned when you first started strength training with kettlebells.

(Whether it's strength, better endurance, more flexibility/mobility. Whatever...)

... and you’re looking for a REAL strategy.

Something repeatable you know will provide the results if you put in the work.

I’m putting together a small group of men who want to...

  • Move pain-free.
  • Get stronger (and even drop some body fat along the way).
  • Improve flexibility and mobility (without traditional stretching).
  • All without interfering with your life?

I'll be giving these men a done-for-you strategy rooted in a proven system of strength training concepts.

So they can see (and feel) results on auto-pilot and have more time to do what they really enjoy.

If that sounds like you.

I've opened a few spots here on my calendar to chat.

The intension of the call?

Get clarity around where you’re at—what’s working, what’s not working—and where you really want to be.

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I look forward to chatting with you.