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Are you “Busy?”

“I’m BUSY!”Every tell yourself this? Or you ask a friend, “hey, how are you doin’?” And the reply is always, “man I’m SO busy.” Like it’s some badge of honor. This’s a common theme for most people. It’s the reason we start things but never finish. It’s the reason we don’t get our workouts in. The reason we never follow through with […]

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Why “Praying” Won’t Help Solve Your Problems

Sup dude. Glad you’re here. Today I wanna share why “praying” won’t help solve your problems. Keep in mind… these thoughts are coming from a Christian.If you’re been struggling with:- Pain- Weakness- Losing weight- Struggling relationshipsAnd an opportunity presents itself…THE answer you’ve been seeking might be staring you in the face.And you turn it away…… […]

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Better Man Truth Series: Day 1

Today we kick off the 5 Day Better Man Truth Series. Over the last decade running a personal training studio and competing in Jiu-Jitsu at the highest levels… I’ve noticed a theme of scared men making decisions — or lack there of — based on fear. Many of these fears are lies we feed ourselves to keep us, […]

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