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Your Gift to the World

We all receive a wound. It’s a must for male initiation. How you get the wound is not up to you. It may be a physical wound or it can be an emotion wound. The wounds are usually given by a parent as they received their wounds from their parents. The father gives the physical wound […]

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“Am I Enough?”

“Am I enough?” This’s what men think when our father isn’t around. When we grow up without him. When our father is “Remote.” Either he’s not around because he’s away working. He was never around PERIOD. Or he divorced our mother and left the family. I know how this feels as I experienced all 3. Thanks be to God, […]

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When Your Values Don’t Matter

I talk about about “values” and why, without them you’re doomed to a life of mediocrity… and I stand by this but, there is a time, when your values DON’T MATTER. More in why in a second. But first…  What’s the one thing keeping men from creating the life they wanna live? Some say it’s, “not enough time.” Some […]

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It’s Not Time You Lack, It’s…

“Time” is often the objection we give for why we haven’t taken action on our soul goals. Why we haven’t been able to find balance between work, family, and alone time so when can work on our passions.On the surface this seems like a legit objection.Doing the wife thing, the kids things, and advancing in […]

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