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You’re Not Alone Brother

Last week I ran an interesting experiment.

I polled and surveyed several dozen men, husbands, and fathers.

What I learned about how men are feeling.

What they're thinking.

And what they're experiencing... 

was interesting to say the least.

Here are the 9 most common life-challenges men are experiencing right now

  1. Balancing work, family, and alone time is non-existent.
  2. They lack belief in themselves and what's possible for their life.
  3. Their self-worth and identity is tied to what they do professionally.
  4. Are unorganized, procrastinate, never complete what they start, and lack goals to stay focused.
  5. Inconsistent with the foods they’re eating to have more energy to be active.
  6. They've dumped a ton of cash on programs with little to no progress.
  7. They work too f*cking much, don’t communicate with their wife, and lack “quiet time” for spiritual self-development.
  8. Are broken mentally, emotionally, and spiritually from past relationships. Which leads them to being...
  9. Emotionally numb, have never been taught how to feel (or show emotion), and as a result, suppress: anger, rage, guilt, fear, indifference, etc.

    And soon explode…

    projecting these emotions on the ones they love like their wife and kids, slowly ripping their family to pieces (and are now facing possible divorce).

In a nutshell.

Men are dying inside.

If you can relate to any of these, I wanted to let you know... you're not alone brother.

I'm curious.

How is this sitting with you?

Let me know by dropping a comment below.

(I read and reply to each comment personally).

Talk soon.

hec g.

  • Joe M. says:

    Just found your work here and in YouTube a few weeks ago. If I didn’t know any better I’d feel you’re talking directly to me. Your words are definitely hitting close to home for me.

    Matter fact the reason why I found you is because I’m on another endless attempt to find the “perfect” program for me to complete. Problem is without hard fast goals set for myself I find myself floating between programs and not really seeing anything through.

    Finding your blog post on life will end up being more valuable than any program I could find. Keep up the good work and know that men need to hear your words.

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