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When it comes to strength training, my philosophy is pretty simple, at the end of the day, your strength training session should be enjoyable and ALWAYS give more to you than it takes away. If you're looking for over fatiguing high intensity interval-esque type workouts... you're in the wrong spot.

However, if you're looking for intelligent, science-based program design that is proven to deliver long lasting results... then I've got what you're looking for – try one of our courses or programs below.

Inside our courses/programs I take you step-by-step through the how-to's of using kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight for strength, mobility, and endurance. 

Hector Gutierrez Jr.

Founder, Strong As Hec Programming


Fat Loss Challenge

5-Day Fat Incinerator™

A FREE 5-day challenge where I will teach you how to lose 3-7 unwanted pounds of fat in 5-day using...

BJJ Strength Secrets™

A 4 week strength phase to getting stronger and better conditioned for BJJ without...

Mobility Secrets™

Inside is a collection of the best (and safest) exercises to increase strength, mobility, and ....

The Snatch Blueprint™

A detailed e-course on how to master the kettlebell snatch + a compendium of science-based...

The Perfect KB Program

A hybrid program of kettlebell and bodyweight designed to increase strength, mobility, and endurance..

Deadlift Secrets™

A step-by-step course revealing the secrets on how to master the deadlift without...

Deadlift Secrets™

A step-by-step course revealing the secrets on how to master the deadlift without...

Tactical Strength for BJJ

A step-by-step course on how to get stronger and better conditioned for BJJ using only 3...

Kettlebell Training Programs

Double KB Manifesto

A manifesto of my best double KB workouts including the INFAMOUS Strength Plan 701 series!


A science-based approach to getting stronger and improving endurance with the kettlebell swing.

SAH Survival Guide

SAH Survival Guide

A 4 wk guide designed to allow you to enjoy your favorite foods & keep you lean during any...

Minimalist approach to getting stronger

Strength Plan 001

A minimalist approach to getting stronger in any major lift: press, squat, deadlift, etc...

Barbell Training Programs

Deadlift Series 260

A 1 year collection of my best Deadlift Plans. These plans took me from 180 to a 282kg deadlift! 

Nutrition Programs

The Hardstyle Diet™

A science-based approach on what and when to eat, depending on which KB workout you're doing... 

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