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The Worst Election Outcome For You

I see it all over social media.

And I must admit.

I got caught up in the drama. You have one side who thinks the worst possible outcome is Biden winning the election. Then you have the other side of the isle who thinks...

it would be Trump's legal challenge prevailing, flipping the result... and securing him a second term.

But that’s not the worst possible outcome.

Not even close.

The worst outcome of this joke of an election is YOU... being derailed from your purpose.

For you to trap your creativity in anger.
For you to hand your vision over to despair.
For you to allow fear to choke out your actions.
For you to drown your resolve in hopelessness.

How do I know this? Saturday afternoon - there was a 2-3 hour period where I felt trapped and glued to YouTube and social media.

Scrolling into an oblivion.

Sure, you/I want our preferred candidate to win.

But no president or party has as much power over your life as you do.

The next president—whoever he (or she)  is—will not be the puppet master of your flourishing or demise.

Only your mind has this power. 

You can be in the midst of your personal paradise.

Yet live in misery with a fearful and seething mind.

On the flip side - 

you can be in the middle of chaos yet still maintain a state of inner peace.

So do yourself a favor my friend.

Unglue your face from the news screen.

You don’t trust them anyway, remember?

Pluck the poisonous shrapnel from your mind.

Take a deep breath and let the election drama fade to the background.

Focus on what you have control of.

Your effort and your attitude.

Particularly… the work in front of you.

Tend to your kingdom—your family—the ONE THING you have direct control of.

Play, laugh, fortify, plan, create, and launch.

Put the kids to bed early once in a while and hold your wife.

Gaze into the eyes of your kids.

Show them with the light in your eyes they still have a future.

Show them all is well. Like the mountain lion perched on the rock. Stretch, yawn, and survey the world beneath you. Take notice, it’s not as doom and gloom as the media has made it out to be.

No heaven or hell has befallen you.

Life is 10-20% strategy and execution.

80-90% is safe guarding your mind and heart.

These are the only 2 things no man (without your permission) can take from you.

From one wild man to the next.

Stay strong.

hec g.

  • Joe M. says:

    Fantastic post! These words have never been truer that in today’s world. No matter what side you are on we have to realize we can only control one thing, and that is our reaction to something else. Stay positive my friend and keep pressing.

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