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Quit Being A Troll

Sup, dude...

(Pardon the scruff #NoShaveNovember)

I’ve gotta get something off my chest.

I was chatting (virtually) with one of my subscribers the other day and what he shared inspired today’s message.

He asked, “Strength, what is it? Is it defined by the goals I read on the SF forum? Is it being able to press half bw or pull 200 snatches in 10 minutes? And if I never follow the ROP or going for a long run on S&S or STRONG!, am I not going to be strong then? (Not very popular questions I know).”

I say, f*ck that.

Check it out.

** Completing Simple and Sinister.
** Pressing half your body weight.
** Competing in BJJ for the first time or...
** Crushing 200 snatches in 10 minutes with a 24kg...

... isn’t strength at all.

(I mean it "is"... but it's not)

First off.

Strength is subjective.

And is NOT defined by reps and sets.

The definition of strength from other men is irrelevant to you.

And If I’m being honest...

the kettlebell and BJJ community can be some of the douchiest and most condescending groups and forums to follow.

Second, these are the goals of other men... these are “troll goals” to quote Elliot Hulse.

You’re not a troll are you?

(I didn’t think so)

So quit chasing the goals of other men.


Chase the goals of your soul instead.

What allows you to slip into YOUR state of genius and ecstasy?

What makes you feel like you’re reclaiming the power you lost when you were a kid?

What lights you the f*ck up?!

Is it only working out 15 minutes per day so you can have some sense of direction while everything else in your life is spiraling out of control?

Do you bathe in dopamine when you blast your body with gut-wrenching double kettlebell jerks or complexes?

Or maybe you slip into a meditative state when you focus on only getups for an hour (me lately).

DO THAT sh*t instead!!!!!!

If you NEVER achieve sinister, press half your body weight, attain SFG status, or compete once on the BJJ Tatame...

... it doesn’t make you weak or any less of man.

Follow the goals of your soul.

You’ll know you’re on the right track because...

you no longer avoid a workout session.

Instead, your heart and soul yearn for it from the depths of your core.

And your day “just isn’t right” if you miss a planned session.

Quit being a troll and follow your soul.

Just a word to the wise.

Let me know how this sits with ya 👇🏾

hec g.

  • Joe M. says:

    Right on the money again Hector. So many times people (myself included) get wrapped up measuring ourselves by another person’s bar that we ignore our own success. Keep your eyes on your own prize and your life will be more fulfilling.

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