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You're probably wondering what this whole "Strong As Hec" thing is all about?

Image for a second that you're able to move in way that is strong, powerful and effortless--kinda like when you were 7 years old.

Remember those days?

Yeah, this's what I help the men in my coaching program, Better Man Blueprint do and what the strong as hec blog is all about.

I'm a former overweight 19 year old who was bullied from elementary up until high school turned second degree BJJ Black Belt, respected strength professional in the kettlebell world.

Oh--and full time husband and dad of two.

For the last 10 years in my gym (and with my trusted products and courses), I've given 1100+ busy men (and women) the blueprint to balancing work, family, & how to unlock personal "alone time" to work on themselves and their passions.

By balancing the 5 Elements of a Strongman:

* Strong in Mind
* Strong in Body
* Strong in Emotion
* Strong in Spirit
* Strong in Community

So they can show up better as the man, husband, and father their family is depending on.

Sup man!
My name is, Hector (Just call be "Hec")

According to Pavel Tsatsouline, "strength is a skill" and not only is it a skill but, it has a greater purpose.  I live my life and approach my training by this philosophy.

I teach this same philosophy to my children and students -- speaking of students...

In 16 weeks I help men build strong, lean, and more capable bodies. So they can  move like they did in their 20's, be more present with their wife & kids... and still having time for themselves.

I provide these men with the blueprint to balance work, family, and how to carve out time for themselves to do more of what they enjoy.

At the end of 16 weeks these men are stronger, more capable, and have more time to be active with their kids... instead of sitting on the sideline.

Ultimately becoming a better men for they family and community.

Success Stories from 

Our Gang of Better Men...

So why should you stick around and maybe even partner/work with me?

Well, if any of these resonate with you then you're in the right place: 

  • You're tired of being tired, not able to live life on your terms and do things you really love like: playing with your kids or traveling without getting winded and throwing out your back.
  • Maybe you're struggling to balance being a husband and father, advancing in your career, getting in your strength/flexibility work and still have time to do what you love
  • You're stiff as a board, want to improve your mobility/flexibility to be able to touch your toes, train Jiu-Jitsu and play with your kids without worrying about waking up with aches and pains the next morning
  • After years of hard training you're thinking to yourself, "I'm tired of being in pain and dealing with constant injuries... I just want to move "easier" again... like I did when I was a kid."  You may be even be saying to yourself, F**K this!
  • You love kettlebells, strength training, and Jiu-Jitsu but you're short on time and want to improve your technical skill, strength and endurance to become un-breakable and make life "easier".
  • When it comes to eating--you lack the discipline (to say "no") and strategy to lose those last 10 stubborn pounds of chub around your waist and think you have to eat boring chicken and broccoli to get shredded.
  • You're confidence is at an all time low, at times "you feel like a failure", tired of being weak, not being the husband & father your wife and children deserve—and you're ready to MAN UP!!
  • becoming badass is now your greatest concern to set an example for not only your family (and all men), but for yourself as a man

Where to start

If you're not ready to work with me, the best place for you to start is to grab a copy of my eBook "Kettlebell Workout Snacks" which you can get here on my blog.

It's a super easy (and fun) collection of 8 of my best 10-15 minute kettlebell workout programs to get in great shape (even if you think you don't have enough time to get in a quality workout), leaving you with plenty of time and energy for Jiu-Jitsu and your family.

But before I go on...

... if you're not interested in learning how to harness the power and effectiveness of using kettlebells for strength, mobility, endurance, fat loss and overall well being and not only that---- but how they translate to REAL LIFE. 

... This blog is not for you.

But--if you're pressed for time and resonate with the points I made above...

I'd Like to send you a special gift

While I appreciate you reading my blog, I share my best work with the subscribers of the Strong As Hec Newsletter.  

I'd like to send you a copy of my eBook "Kettlebell Workout Snacks" FREE--to help get you some immediate results.

Here's what you can expect after clicking the button below and grabbing your copy of Kettlebell Workout Snacks

  • 24 time-saving workouts guaranteed to boost strength and burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time.
  • How to build lean and toned muscle that turns heads. And gain the confidence to go shopping for clothes WITHOUT worrying if they'll fit or not
  • Page 12 reveals the best single kettlebell workout on the planet to get in top shape and look good naked. in less than 30 minutes a week.
  • Gain back your sanity and relieve the stress of not knowing what workouts you should do when you're on a time-budget.
  • Put Money back in your pocket by not wasting it on mediocre trainers and $10 a month globo gyms... I'm mean, that's enough to grab your own copy right there!

Thanks for checking out my blog

If you have questions or would like to contact me personally you can reach my at me email: [email protected]

🥋 Hec G.

P.S. If you're interested in joining forces and making in dent in the world Let's set a time to chat and see if would make sense working together.

Here's more love for the SAH Blog!

"The biggest muscle gains in my upper body to date."

Strength-Focused Training, Strength Focused Training

"This program has humbled me in a way I can't explain."

"Have to get new pants."

"Hector has helped me break free from restraints."

"I was in the worst place in life physically!"

"Recovery is better than ever."

"First workout regiment I've completed faithfully for 4 weeks! Ever!"

"Finding your blog on life will end up being more valuable than any program I could find."

"30 pounds ago..."

"I'm now able to manage my depression."

"Best investment I ever did."

"Working with you has not only improved me physically but also mentally."

"The best written programs I've seen to date."

"I will NEVER Doubt You Again, EVER!"

To call Hector's programming magical would be an understatement. He helped me ace my kettlebell recertification in less than 5 weeks. His program Better Man Blueprint is the way to go and, if you get an opportunity to spend time with him in person or virtually, do it!

Brian Robinson

"The Best Looking Program I've Seen!"

I've had the opportunity to join Hector's coaching program, Better Man Blueprint and I love it! I can't wait to dive into his mastermind coaching program next... and I've gotta say... this has got to the best written program I've seen to date.

Malcolm McCowan SFG, Personal Trainer

"Down 13% body fat, BEST Decision I have made"

I started with Hector at 182lbs. and 29.7 percent body fat. Six months later, I had dropped down to 152 lbs and 13% body fat. Getting started with Hector here has been the best decision I have made so far when it comes to my health and well being.

Austin P

I Was On the Verge of "giving up"

When I started working with Hector 18 months ago, I had pains throughout my body running from my ankle and calves through my shoulder and neck. I was on the verge of "giving up" when I was introduced to Hector. Within 6 weeks, I noticing my aches and pains had diminished. After 12 weeks, I couldn't even remember what the aches and pains felt like. I am now pushing 50, and if I had found Hector earlier in my life, I know I could have avoided many years of pain and stayed healthy and in shape for a much longer period of time.Thank you Hector.

JJ Hart World Traveler

"This Program Will Not drain You"

After completing Hector's program, I must say it's one of the best programs I’ve tried. You truly get maximum effectiveness for the short amount of time it requires to complete. This program will not drain you... it will make you stronger, leaner and better conditioned. The last thing a busy dad like me needs is to add additional stress to an already hectic schedule. Thank you so much Hector!

Joseph SJ. Busy Dad

"Strength and Conditioning to Another Level!"

The first time I saw a kettlebell I thought , “there is absolutely no way this little thing will give me the workout I need.” Well, other than BJJ, this was the toughest training I've ever done. Training with Hector helped my BJJ game in more ways than I could imagine . Being a fellow BJJ practitioner himself, he knew exactly what I needed to improve my performance for the mat. Hector's kettlebell program as taken my strength and conditioning to another level!

John Quintanilla BJJ Black Belt

"My Shoulders Feel Happier"

Hector's Swing STRONG! program helped me hit 100 swings in 4:42 with the 32kg bell and my wife Danielle with the 24kg. Other surprises were our lats , felt like rocks towards the end and I snatched a 32kg bell which felt surprisingly strong! But the best part is, my shoulders feel happier and my pull-ups improved as the program moved forward.

Sean Shearon Owner, Prevail Strength and Fitness

"Effective, Proven, and Straight to the Point"

Within 4 weeks I started to experiencing the benefits of Hector's strength training system. I finally finished my first 5 min round. Without gassing out! My grips are stronger, guard passing and sweeping my spar partners has greatly improved. It also appears—my body, especially my shoulders are bulking up and developing.

Coach Hec's strategies are really effective, proven, and straight to the point. The benefits he mentions are pretty much what you can expect.

Gabrielle R. Kettlebell Expert, Gravity Chamber

"Completed 'Simple' with 32kg in 12 weeks."

"Hector's Programs Are Not Gold, they're Platinum!"

To my surprise, Hector's programs delivered way more than I expected. I was initially just hoping it would improve my rep max on double 28 pressing and maybe help me nail a double 32 press (technically a bodyweight press) But I was in for a bigger surprise, I had a lot more PRs from this program. I did get my double 28kg press to go from 4 to 5 reps, pressed double 32s but also managed a few more PRs. Hector's programs are not gold, they're platinum!

Mark Limbaga Strength Coach / Filipino Boxing Team

"In 4 weeks I'm leaner"

In 4 weeks I'm leaner and my arms are more muscular than I have been in a while. I love the simplicity of Hector's programs--they don't take away from anything else in my life like BJJ and spending time with my family, yet still provides results. It is great to have a coach who has accomplished everything I aspire to and has already walked the path, I really appreciate how quickly Hector has been able to get back with me when I had questions.

Zac Zech BJJ Practitioner

"Ran my last marathon 30 minutes faster"

Training with Hector and following his program only 3 days per week--helped me run my last marathon 30 minutes faster and I felt I could’ve gone another 5 or 6 miles. I did no other strength training, only my normal runs. I didn't even add my traditional "speed days" like I would have done in the past. Everyone needs to work with Hector in his kettlebell program!

Armando R. Elite Marathoner

"The Highest Privilege I’ve had"

Training under Hector has been the highest privilege I’ve had in Jiu-Jitsu, he helped me develop a confidence that I didn’t even know existed. His coaching isn’t overwhelming with a bunch of fancy exercises. Hector will teach you how, why, and when to move. Within 2 months of training, my resting heart rate dropped to the 50's and my blood pressure dropped to around 110/70. I had chronic hip pain that disappeared after a few weeks of training while my flexibility and mobility skyrocketed; I even dropped 10-15 pounds!

Dr. John K. DC, BJJ Purple Belt

"Added 20 Pounds to My Deadlift 3 Rep Max!"

Hector's Swing STRONG! program added 20 pounds to my deadlift 3 Rep Max! (335-3550. I even squatted the 36's for the first time EVER! The crazy part is, I wasn't able to do any of these things before I started and I didn't even train them while doing my swings.

Jerrid Cortez Trainer, SFG Instructor

"I Medaled for the FIRST Time As a Brown Belt!"

Hector's coaching helped me prepare for the Pan JJ championships (one of the biggest BJJ tournaments). I medaled for the FIRST time as a brown belt! His coaching program helped me reach a new level of athleticism. It is the perfect balance of strength, power, and flexibility that I was missing in my game!

Tony C. BJJ Black Belt

"I Gained 5 Pounds of Lean Muscle"

I loved Hector's complex program 701A! By the end of the program I gained 5 pounds of lean muscle on my arms, shoulders, and back. I loved how the program waved in all areas and allowed me to recover from session to session. I look forward to going through the program again, this time with 24's and 28's.

David Q. Owner, Media Kettlebells, SFG Instructor

"I'm in the Best Shape of My Life"

I have to say that training with Hector and following his coaching and programming has had a HUGE impact on my strength, power, and recovery on the mat. At 30 years old, I'm in the best shape of my life.

Roger N. BJJ Black Belt