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Breaking the “Remote Father” Cycle…

2020 has provided you with an exceptional opportunity right now... if you’re a father with young kids (especially a son). For the first time in 5000 years there is a separation of father and son as a result of the industrial revolution.

(Which is only 140 years old)

Men are leaving the house to go to work.

So they’re no longer with the son.

The primary problem today and why men are failing to be the men, husbands, and fathers their family needs is... the increasing remoteness with the son.

The father gives his son son a gift—on a cellular level.

The Father Son Connection

When the father is near the son... he retunes the son to the masculine frequency from the feminine frequency.

For most of the boy’s life... he’s tuned to the frequency of his mother—the feminine frequency—and for good reason... without it, he’d die.

At some point there must be a clean break from the mother.

The Kikuyu tribe of central Kenya display a unique example of this many of us here in the west can learn from.

The older men of the tribe take a young boy (once old enough) from his mother to a special place... a good distance from the village.

He's fasts for 3 days.
The 3rd night he sits in the circle of a camp fire with the older man.
He’s hungry, thirsty, alert, and terrified.

One of the older men takes a knife.

Opens a vein in his own arm and lets some of his blood into a bowl.

The other men in the camp do the same.

The boy is then invited to take nourishment from the bowl.

(I know, sound gross)

Something interesting happens.

The boy learns 3 lessons from this experience:

  1. He learns nourishment doesn’t only come from his mother, but also from men.
  2. He learns the knife serves many purposes besides wounding others.
  3. And he learned he was no doubt welcome among the other males of the tribe.

The men then teach him myths, stories, songs... and other traditions which embody healthy male values.

And not only competitive values.

But spiritual values (a crucial part of male initiation, something lacking today). It’s these stories and traditions which allow us as men to take hold of our wounds.

And it's why I always say, Jiu-Jitsu will teach you everything you need to know about living your life.

Jiu-Jitsu from a Metaphysical Perspective

On a metaphysical level... Jiu-Jitsu is male initiation.

The journey is HARD... it’s riddles with failure and it’s why most men never take the journey.

If you dare to take the journey...  it creates a clean break from the world.

(Which also represents the “mother”—your comfort zone)

It lights the path to your truest purpose and potential. Your soul receives the nourishment... through stories and traditions from the lives of other men further along the journey.

You’re empowered with skills to serve others.

And most importantly...

... you’re welcomed into a tribe—a community—of other men.

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

2020 has given you have a unique opportunity to break the “Remote Father” cycle my friend.

For the first time in 140 years... men are working from home now.

They're home with the family—with their sons—and it's not by coincidence. It's by divine providence as there's a great need for the father.

I've felt this tug most of 2020 myself.

To be home with my family, with my children.

You have the same opportunity.

The opportunity to no longer be “remote.” But to be with your son and retune him to the masculine frequency.

To share stories about your life... and welcome him to the male world.

(Even if you don’t have kids, male mentorship is needed)

99.999% of men never get this.

I NEVER got this.

Today's men are kids inhabiting a 40+ year old body—scared to death.

The result?

Young boys—even men—seek to learn masculinity from each other.

(Look as street gangs)


From an ancient and historical perspective, it doesn’t work. You can’t learn from men your own age or from someone at the same spot in their journey of initiation.

You need older men... or men further along the journey.

Men are suffering from a starvation “father energy.”

Today there is a thirst—a hunger—for the father.

Men want it—even if their ego denies it.

If you grew up without your father... without proper life lessons & traditions to bring you into your full manhood.

Drop a comment below.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

hec g.

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