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Performance Progression Pyramid

“Checked a box yesterday. Double beast ‘strict press.'”I got this message from one of my colleagues in StrongFirst leadership the other day. It was a video of him pressing a pair of 48kg bells (AKA: the Double Beast Press). Said he attempted this feat ~15 years ago at his level one RKC in 2007. I hit […]

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The World is Lost

The world is lost… and it’s going to require virtuous MEN to bring it back.But where are all the “men?”Today we live in a world of uninitiated men. Men who lack identity and don’t know whether or not we have what it takes.The Catholic Church has failed us when it comes to letting us know […]

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How to Create Boundaries

A few weeks ago I was talking with one of my students and they made a great observation about creating boundaries. I think we all struggle with setting boundaries for ourselves so we can be better and bring more to our community.Many of us are recovering people pleasers.I know I am…. I tend to give […]

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