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How To Improve Hip Mobility

Coming off of last weeks episode where we covered shoulder and core stability; in this weeks installment of Movement Monday we will be focusing on hip mobility and rounding out what we call the Four Corners or the four knots.  The hips and shoulders are what make up the the four knots and create a virtual “X” […]

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How To Improve Your Press With Ladders

Theres a saying, In order to press a lot, you need to press a lot (Some may disagree, but it’s as consistent as gravity). Pressing a lot can mean several training days or increasing volume. In this weeks workout of the week we’ll be focusing on how to improve your press using a powerful programming technique […]

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How To Improve Mobility And Shoulder Stability

This is the first episode in a series that I’m really excited for that I’m calling, Movement Monday. In today’s episode I cover how to improve shoulder stability and mobility. Each episode I’ll be sharing some of my favorite bodyweight and kettlebell movements for strength, mobility and flexibility. Many of these exercises you’ve probably seen before… there’s really […]

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How To Stay Lean During The Holidays

I get it, staying in shape during the holidays is not alway an easy thing to and I could easily bore you with statistics talking about what percentage of America gains “X” amount of pounds during the holidays from October – December.Instead, in todays blog post, I thought I’d give you a small solution. Now… Clearly you […]

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Improving Your Deadlift, Without Deadlifting

One of the most common weak points (there’s several actually) when it comes to improving your deadlift is poor (aka: weak) posture. Specifically the upper back muscles (I won’t bore you with the names of the muscles).  Here’s why posture is important (health is the obvious reason), coming from a background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), leverage is […]

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