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How To Improve Your Press With Ladders

Theres a saying, In order to press a lot, you need to press a lot (Some may disagree, but it's as consistent as gravity). Pressing a lot can mean several training days or increasing volume. In this weeks workout of the week we'll be focusing on how to improve your press using a powerful programming technique called ladders.

If you're looking to improve your press, ladders are a great way to get in a ton of volume (i.e., reps and sets) without over fatiguing the central nervous system (CNS).

How so?

I'm glad you asked!

In each ladder you have what are called rungs, just like the rungs in an actual ladder. Here's am example of what a ladder would look like.

➣ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Since we're taking about the press here this would play out:

One clean followed by one press, bell down. Next set, one clean followed by two presses, bell down. Once you have completed rungs one - five, this would equal one ladder completed.

What makes this powerful is, once you peak at the top (5) you start the ladder over. Making the first rep of the succeeding ladder more of a recovery set. This can be  very refreshing after a moderately heavy set of 5.

This is the trick to getting a lot of volume.

Todays workout:

➣ (1, 3) x 11 (Total volume = 44 lifts)

This will complete 1 ladder. You will be performing 11 total ladders. 44 lifts is A LOT of presses in a single sitting but, volume is absolutely essential to improve your press.

You will be re-cleaning in between each press. This does a few things:

  1. Helps reduce acidity (caused by successive pressing) by allowing you to reset your lats, grip (plus several other muscles), and get tight before the next press. Example set: 1 press, bell down and rest. Next rung, 1 clean, 1 press, 1 clean, 1 press, and 1 last clean and press.
  2. It adds a small conditioning factor; so if you're also looking to burn some extra calories, adding a clean in between your presses is a great tactic.

In my honest opinion, the double kettlebell clean and press (and it's press variations) IS pound-for-pound the best kettlebell exercise for strength, fat loss, and even hypertrophy (muscle growth).

Rest periods:

These will be as needed. When you feel fresh, proceed with the next rep. But, typical rest periods are 1.5 - 2 minutes rest between sets .

Remember, you're training should always give more to you then it takes away. Training is something that should be enjoyed. Does that mean it will be easy? Hec to the NO!

Give today's workout a try and let me know how it goes.


P.S. If you'd like to see more specific workouts, leave a comment below.

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