4 Ways to Sustainable Fat Loss - Strong As Hec

‘Lots of people want EVERYTHING and do NOTHING.’

This was the "motivational quote" from my Power List.

Sustainable Fat loss-body fat

And it got me thinking.


Why do people want to be able to do 'X' but instead do 'Y' when it comes to their strength and fat loss efforts?

We call this behavior cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive Dissonance: When your beliefs and behaviors disagree... your actions and values are out of alignment.

It's a misalignment of our values and actions.

We say we value 'X' but our actions speak the contrary.

When this happens... we're operating from a place of cognitive dissonance, disorder, and disintegration.

... and when we're out of integrity with ourselves...

... we lose confidence, and trust, in our ability to get the job done.

Creating a Toxic Cycle which keeps us from becoming the strongest, most elite, version of ourselves.

With that said, aside from a lack of integrity, the real reason I think people want everything and do nothing is because...

... they don't know how to get started.

The men we work with in the ACADEMY are driven.


All they're lacking is the right strategy, support, and community of men on the same journey as themselves to get there.

Here are "4 ways" to that destination.

4 Ways to Sustainable Fat Loss


Way #1: Strategy

This is your game plan.

When it comes to fat loss, and reshaping your body, you need a REAL eating and strength training strategy. A strategy planned by the numbers. "Eating less, moving more" and/or "eating/training intuitively" are not strategies.

(Btw… people are in poor health, deconditioned, and have high body fat because they have been ‘listening to their body’ when it comes to eating and working out.)

Here’s why having a strategy is important.

It’s measurable and allows you to track your progress. Numbers are objective and always paint the picture of reality.

A repeatable strategy should be based on the following components:

  1. Performance Progression Training System: to navigate the Performance Progress Pyramid. When (and how) to train for strength, strength endurance, hypertrophy, maximal strength, and power.
  2. A High-Performance Eating Strategy: How to eat in a way non-restrictive way to build strength, muscle, and accelerate your fat loss efforts. 
  3. Recover Accelerating Mechanisms: A system of recovery to keep you mobile, flexible, and resilient so you can see consistent progress.

Way #2: Follow a Proven System

A system gives you the strategy.

Here lies the coaching components… the skill sets.

One of the biggest "concerns" (complaints if you will) I get are "how do I integrate and develop all 6 Kettlebell skills with Body Weight and Barbell training without the losing progress in other skills."

Since you can’t focus on everything at one time.

In the HARDSTYLE ACADEMY we give our students a step-by-step, skill-driven, process to building a stronger, leaner, and more capable body.

This system guides them through 7 levels of performance training:

  1. Hardstyle Level 1: A 4 phase Strength Foundations program based on "skill-stacking" and the Performance Progression Pyramid.
  2. Hardstyle Level 2: Advanced Basics. Introduction to the Kettlebell Swing and Getup.
  3. Hardstyle Level 3: Athletic Development. Introduction to the Kettlebell Snatch and Body Weight training.
  4. Hardstyle Level 4: "M.A.D Method" training. Introduction to Asymmetrical Kettlebell and Body Weight strength and mobility training.
  5. Hardstyle Level 5: Block Training. Introduction to the Press Continuum. How to integrate the Kettlebell Press, Push Press, and Jerk.
  6. Hardstyle Level 6: Elite. How to integrate all 3 training disciplines: Kettlebell, Barbell, and Body Weight.
  7. Hardstyle Level 7: Ordinary Time, skill development and practice-focused component of the system. Strategic integration of all 6 levels into a complete training system.

Having a step-by-step process in place ensures you reach your goals week in and week out.

If at any point, progress comes up short, we address one part of the system so the desired result emerges.


Way #3: Video Your Skills

I train alone, as do the members of the ACADEMY.

In order to study/critique your skills, recording your training is essential. No only does this build your "coaching-eye." It also keeps you accountable to your practice.

Each week our students have the opportunity to submit their skills for review by me and my team.

… to ensure they’re getting the most from their efforts and of course…

... to keep them injury free.


Way #4: Eat and Train For Longevity

I can’t tell you how critical this is.

Working out is great.

Pressing heavy chucks of cast iron overhead… is AMAZING.


… It’s not worth your career or way of life.

At the end of the day… health will always be your greatest concern. Not how hard or how heavy you went in the gym.

How does one eat and train for longevity?

By centering your efforts on PRACTICING and building skills instead of "working out" and " restrictive dieting."

Along with training… knowing HOW TO EAT is a skill set.

This is important because…

… the skills you build become your default settings.

There is a saying in Jiu-Jitsu.

"The way you train is the way you’ll compete."

Meaning, if you practice/train/live with bad habits… those habits will manifest themselves once you meet adversity, are stressed, or when you’re under a state of fatigue.

When you tire… (fatigue makes cowards of us all) you’ll default to what you know. You’ll fall back on your default settings, i.e., your comfort zone.

And in this context… your default setting are the skills you build during your strength training practice and in the kitchen.

So when you get tired during a set of Presses, or you’re in the middle of a 5 Minute Snatch Test, or life throws you a curveball with your eating… you’ll lean on what you know.

Your skills.

Appreciate you reading,

hec “the strategist” g.

P.S. If you have a fat loss goal/want to reshape how your body looks and fits in your clothes. Or you want to build a physically stronger body…

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