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How To Improve Mobility And Shoulder Stability

This is the first episode in a series that I'm really excited for that I'm calling, Movement MondayIn today's episode I cover how to improve shoulder stability and mobility.

Each episode I'll be sharing some of my favorite bodyweight and kettlebell movements for strength, mobility and flexibility.

Many of these exercises you've probably seen before... there's really nothing new here (you can only move the human body so many ways).

But my goal for this movement series is to provide you with a practical blueprint on how to pair these movements together in the right sequence to achieve optimal results.

So many people struggle with mobility and shoulder stability.

They spend hours a week stretching, in the hopes that they will improve the quality of their movement. Only to be tight once again the following morning.

UGH, it's frustrating, right?

It's not that stretching is wrong (passive flexibility is crucial) it's more likely that their strategy and approach is off.

I think you'll really like this series.

Give todays episode a try and let me know how it goes!

Talk soon,