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Why Getting off the Body Fat is CRUCIAL

I often hear guys say, “I’m not too worried about losing weight.” And that’s good. Fat loss should be the main objective. But what happens when you lose body fat? You lose weight. Wait, what?!?!?! I know, shocking! Today I wanna share why fat loss, weight loss, whatever you wanna call it should be your number one concern. Wait, wait, […]

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Viking Push-Press (Master Class)

Sup man… in today’s post I’m gonna show you how to improve speed, agility, & quickness with One Kettlebell. And we won’t be talking about the swing, snatch, or kettlebell jerks. But the Viking Push-Press (VPP).The VPP was brought to life in Pavel’s book, Return of the Kettlebell — which I believe is no longer […]

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The “Secret S.A.H.C.E” to More Muscle

Welcome back dude. In my last post, we started a new post series on the best exercises to build more muscle using the press, squat, and deadlift. These are so dang effective because they cross multiple muscle groups and joints. Today we’ll be diving into compound lifts… not to be confused with compound exercises. Compared to […]

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