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Avoid these 11 Progress-Destroying Blunders

[•] Do you have all the workout programs? [•] Done all the research of what it takes to see progress? [•] Have all the meal plans, templates, and macros… … yet still on the same place after 6 months? [•] Maybe you lost weight but you’re not “leaner.” [•] Just a smaller, softer version of yourself? Well… you’re not alone. Sup, dude… It’s […]

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Kettlebell Complex Atos 2.0

Yoooo, sup man. Welcome back to the Ol’ blog. Today we’ll be talking about the trusty kettlebell complex (AGAIN) to save-time… while getting in a quality workout. If you’re tired of swings and getups (easy, E-A-S-Y… they’re great for setting a solid foundation… but once you learn the basics… it’s time to expand your skill set […]

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