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Viking Push-Press (Master Class)

Sup man... in today's post I'm gonna show you how to improve speed, agility, & quickness with One Kettlebell. And we won't be talking about the swing, snatch, or kettlebell jerks. But the Viking Push-Press (VPP).

The VPP was brought to life in Pavel's book, Return of the Kettlebell -- which I believe is no longer in print.

So I thought I'd hook you up with the "how-to's" on how to get it done here.


Viking Push-Press Master Class

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hec g.

Put some of this stuff into action and let me know how it goes.

Hope this was helpful for ya.


hec g.

P.S. - For a detailed program to follow using the Viking Push-Press to help you get in great shape, build a leaner, and more capable body... check out our free program, "Simpler Muscle" in our eBook, Kettlebell Workout Snacks.

Later gator.