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Double Kettlebell Swing Strength & Power

Yo! Sup man… in today’s session we close out our 9 week strength-focused endurance training series (SFET).  The exercise of choice for today is the double kettlebell swing… following a “serial-repeat”.Let’s get into it… Double Kettlebell SwingStrength & Power Session (Be sure to subscribe to the channel for more quick, killer workouts!) “Download the FREE cheat […]

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Asymmetrical Squat & Press Endurance Session

Sup man! In today’s post… we enter week 8 of our strength-focused endurance training series (SFET). Today’s kettlebell workout is a squat & press endurance session. If you’re just tuning in, the last 8 weeks our goal has been… improving endurance following a strength-focused approach.Hence the name Strength-Focused Endurance Training (SFET).Why should this be important […]

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Killer Single Kettlebell Snatch Session

Today’s kettlebell workout marks week 7 of our Strength-Focused Endurance Training Series (SFET). The goal: improve endurance using the strength exercises. Today we’ll be using the tried and true single kettlebell snatch following a ladder protocol structured in a series.Rest periods follow a work to rest ratio of 1:1.Each snatch should take about 3 seconds (rounded up). […]

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Double Kettlebell Endurance & Muscle Building Session

In today’s double kettlebell workout I’m gonna show you how to get in shape by improving your endurance while maximizing the muscle-building process using the double press (DP) and double squat (DSQ).This marks week 6 of our endurance series using strength exercises.We’ll be performing once again… a “serial-circuit”.Each set in the series will be performed […]

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Asymmetrical Clean & Squat Endurance Session

Welcome to week 6 of our little project to help you improve endurance using the strength exercises. In today’s session, our training method switches back to asymmetrical bells… particularly the asymmetrical clean & squat.I recommend one primary kettlebell, with the second kettlebell about 1/2 the weight of the primary (E.g., 12, 24kg).  So, two different […]

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