Double Kettlebell Endurance & Muscle Building Session - Strong As Hec

Double Kettlebell Endurance & Muscle Building Session

In today's double kettlebell workout I'm gonna show you how to get in shape by improving your endurance while maximizing the muscle-building process using the double press (DP) and double squat (DSQ).

This marks week 6 of our endurance series using strength exercises.

We'll be performing once again... a "serial-circuit".

Each set in the series will be performed "on the minute".  After completing both series (each circuit will have 2 series) you'll have a long rest.

Let's dive in... 

Double Kettlebell Hell 😈:

Endurance & Muscle-Building Session

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Hec G.

The Circuit


Series #1: Double Press (DP)

Set #1: “00:00” - DP x 6

Set #2: “01:00” - DP x 6

Set #3: “02:00”  - DP x 6


Series #2: Double Squat (DSQ)

Set #4: “03:00” - DSQ x 6

Set #5: “04:00” - DSQ x 6

Set #6: “05:00”  - DSQ x 6

After completion of both series... this completes the circuit. Rest top of the minute (TOM) plus an additional minute (TOM+1).

Start circuit #2 and series of double presses at "07:00".

Today complete 4 total circuits.

Giving you a total of 28 minutes of work.

And there you have it friend... how to improve endurance once again... using the strength exercises following a double kettlebell protocol... 

... coupled with the right volume in each set for muscle-building (bang, two birds with one stone... saving you a crap load [official science term right there] of time).

To close out this post... I wanna talk briefly about "recovery".

I know, boring, right?

Well... not so fast my friend!

The thief in the night responsible for you not seeing the results you envisioned... 

Most men I talk to, avoid recovery, mobility, and flexibility like the plague. Either because they “don’t have time” to get it in or they’re afraid of making things worse—so they leave it out entirely.

Truth is...

... if you can't recover—quickly—from your workouts, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

​Some sort of recovery mechanism (as I like to call'em) helps you train hard, more often, and remain fresh and healthy as possible.

When you get this right, you won’t wake up the next morning aching & in pain... feeling like you’ve been smashed by a Dodge RAM at 50 mph.

In fact…

you’ll recover FASTER and choke out nagging aches & pains once and for all.

(Last thing you need is to finally start gaining some serious momentum towards your goals to looking and feeling better... only to be kicked in the balls by another nagging - pain in the ass "injury")

Because, if you’re not feeling stronger after your workouts, you’re feeling “fried” and “dinged up”, then—I’m willing to bet a steak dinner... you’re missing a recovery mechanism in your training.

Plus, if muscle-building is one of your goals... then recovery IS A NON-NEGOTIABLE!

>>> Here's a list of recovery mechanisms from the blog which you can add pre or post training.

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hec g.