Asymmetrical Clean & Squat Endurance Session - Strong As Hec

Asymmetrical Clean & Squat Endurance Session

Welcome to week 6 of our little project to help you improve endurance using the strength exercises. In today's session, our training method switches back to asymmetrical bells... particularly the asymmetrical clean & squat.

I recommend one primary kettlebell, with the second kettlebell about 1/2 the weight of the primary (E.g., 12, 24kg).  So, two different sized kettlebells.

Using two different sized kettlebells has many benefits like: being more efficient with your kettlebell technique which has a cascading effect on your strength and even your fat loss efforts (I talk about more in detail, here).

Today's exercise are broken up into, 2 strength categories: "ballistics" and grinds".

Each set of ballistics and grinds are to be completed every 20 seconds (E20).  Completing a series of ballistics and a series of grinds... completes one circuit.

From there... rest top of the minute (TOM) plus and additional 2 minutes (TOM+2).

Let's dive in... 

Asymmetrical Clean & Squat Endurance Session

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Hec G.

The Circuit


Series #1: Asymmetrical Cleans

“00:00” - ACL x 5R.

“00:20”  - ACL x 5L.

 “00:40” - ACL x 5R.

 Rest TOM+1


Series #2: Asymmetrical Squats

“02:00” - ASQ x 3R.

“02:20”  - ACL x 3L.

 “02:40” - ACL x 3R.

 Rest TOM+2

Start circuit #2 and series of cleans at "05:00".

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Hec G.