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Asymmetrical Squat & Press Endurance Session

Sup man! In today’s post... we enter week 8 of our strength-focused endurance training series (SFET). Today’s kettlebell workout is a squat & press endurance session. If you’re just tuning in, the last 8 weeks our goal has been... improving endurance following a strength-focused approach.

Hence the name Strength-Focused Endurance Training (SFET).

Why should this be important to YOU?

Well... if you’re stressed for time to get in shape BUT... know you wanna improve strength, endurance, and increase your muscle -building opportunities...

... so you can be more active with your kids WITHOUT feeling like you’re gonna break.

Then this will be the most important session and training series you follow - to save time, create an athletic body, and become the man you’ve been called to be.

Let’s dive in... 

Asymmetrical Squat & Press Endurance Session

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Hec G.

Compared to last week... we’re switching to asymmetrical bells to dial in the skill aspect of our strength practice. Today’s session is laid out using a “serial-circuit”.

A serial-circuit combines two kettlebell exercises... each performed in their own series. Each series has 3 sets completed every minute.  Completing a series of squats and a series of presses... completes one circuit.

The Circuit


Series #1: Asymmetrical Squat (ASQ)

Set #1: “00:00” - ASQ x 5R

Set #2: “01:00” - ASQ x 5L

Set #3: “02:00” - ASQ x 5R

After 3rd set of squats, switch to presses... 


Series #2: Asymmetrical Press (AMP)

Set #1: “03:00” - AMP x 5R

Set #2: “04:00” - AMP x 5L

Set #3: “05:00” - AMP x 5R

After set 3, “05:15”, rest top of the minute plus an additional minute (TOM+1).

 Go on to complete the prescribed total number of circuits.

Start the next circuit with your left hand and continue alternating hands at the start of a new circuit. Circuit #2 starts at “07:00”.

Each circuit takes 7 minutes including your rest.

Today, complete 4 total circuits.

Making today’s session… a 28 minute strength-focused endurance session. Be sure to download your FREE SFET cheat sheet and get after it.

And there you have it friend... week 8... squat & press endurance session following a strength-focused approach to improving endurance.

If you have questions, let us know.


Hec G.

P.S.  Let me know in the comments which of the current 8 SFET sessions you like best.