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Kettlebell Complex Atos 2.0

Yoooo, sup man. Welcome back to the Ol’ blog. Today we’ll be talking about the trusty kettlebell complex (AGAIN) to save-time… while getting in a quality workout. If you’re tired of swings and getups (easy, E-A-S-Y… they’re great for setting a solid foundation… but once you learn the basics… it’s time to expand your skill set […]

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Quick Single Kettlebell Complex

Sup dude.If you’re looking for a quick and effective workout because you’re stressed for time, then this quick single kettlebell complex will do the trick.  This episode is part of our Quick Kettlebell Workout Series to help men get in shape anytime, anywhere in less than 1 hour per week.Quick Single Kettlebell Complex: Atos (If […]

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Kettlebell Swing & Squat

Sup! Welcome to episode 2 of our quick kettlebell workout series.  In today’s post we’ll be diving into the next program of our eBook, Kettlebell Workout Snacks… “Back to Basics 2.0″… which features the tried and true kettlebell swing & squat.If you want the full program for today’s quick kettlell workout – at the body […]

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Quick Kettlebell Workouts

Yo – Sup dude! I’m excited to let you in on a new series of quick kettlebell workouts we’ll be dropping every Saturday ~11:00 CDT.  Each workout is hand-picked from our eBook, “Kettlebell Workout Snacks”.The first episode is up and running below… Back to Basics: Kettlebell Swings Do me favor, will ya? Subscribe to the channel (if […]

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