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Kettlebell Complex Atos 2.0

Yoooo, sup man. Welcome back to the Ol' blog. Today we'll be talking about the trusty kettlebell complex (AGAIN) to save-time... while getting in a quality workout.

If you're tired of swings and getups (easy, E-A-S-Y... they're great for setting a solid foundation... but once you learn the basics... it's time to expand your skill set a little) and looking for a quick and deadly-effective kettlebell workout.

Then this quick single kettlebell complex should quench your thirst.

It's part of our Quick Kettlebell Workout Series to help men get in shape anytime, anywhere in ~45 minutes (or less) per week.

Check it out 👇🏾

Kettlebell Complex Atos 2.0

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hec g.

The Layout

SQ x 4
SN x 6
VPP x 5
SQ x 6
SW x 6

27 total number of lifts (∑27NL).

Rest 90 seconds before starting the next set.

Complete 4 total sets.

A Quick Note...

This's a single kettlebell complex so there's a few way's to skin this cat depending on your skill and strength level.

Option #1: Beginner

Perform all the reps on your non-dominant side first. This competes one set. Followed by the prescribed rest periods and complete the next set on your dominant side to complete the second set.

This minimizes lactate build up allowing you to build your strength endurance one day at a time. It also shortens the session improving your focus and consistency. 

Option #2: Intermediate

Perform all reps on your non-dominant side first, park the bell for a brief moment and then complete the same reps on your dominant side. This is the next natural progression... a little more acidic. Prepping you for...

Option #3: Advanced

Perform all reps on your non-dominant side first, without rest, swing switch to your dominant side and finish the set. The prolonged tension elevates muscle damage and increases your potential for muscle growth.

Not to mention...

the added benefit of strength endurance 😃.


hec g.

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