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Quick Kettlebell Workouts

Yo - Sup dude! I'm excited to let you in on a new series of quick kettlebell workouts we'll be dropping every Saturday ~11:00 CDT.  Each workout is hand-picked from our eBook, "Kettlebell Workout Snacks".

The first episode is up and running below... 

Back to Basics: Kettlebell Swings

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As I mentioned above... I plan on dropping a new episode on Saturdays @ 11:00 for the duration of the series.

Today's workout - simple and straigth forward... 


(3, 5, 7, 9) x 10-15 minutes.

Set a timer and complete as many ladders possible in 10-15 minutes... DONE!

There ya have it... quick kettlebell workout series: Ep1

Have a great one!

Hec G.

P.S. 2 special announcements…

  1. I’m gonna be doing a give away of one of my products (TBD) at the end of this workout series.

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  2. Second announcement is… there will be another special announcement at the end of the workout series, LOL!

Talk soon!