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Ch 5 of 5: The WORST Day Ever

Today was the absolute worst day everAnd don’t try to convince meThere’s something good in every dayBecause, when you take a closer lookThis place is a pretty evil place.Even ifSome goodness does shine through once in a whileSatisfaction and happiness don’t last.And it’s not trueIt’s all in the mind and heartBecauseTrue happiness can be obtainedOnly […]

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Ch 4 of 5: How To Cheat, Lie, and Steal

We all know cheating, lying, and stealing are morally wrong, right?Well…… today, I’m gonna show you how to use them for good.And how to leverage them to get what you want in life but before I do…I want to paint a quick picture for you.The last few day’s—your conscience, belief system, and Mr. Indecisiveness have painted quite the doom […]

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