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Ch 4 of 5: How To Cheat, Lie, and Steal

We all know cheating, lying, and stealing are morally wrong, right?


… today, I’m gonna show you how to use them for good.

And how to leverage them to get what you want in life but before I do…

I want to paint a quick picture for you.

The last few day’s—your conscience, belief system, and Mr. Indecisiveness have painted quite the doom and gloom picture for you.

Essentially, the’ve shown you your potential Hell if you don’t solve the current problem keeping you up at night.

Today I’ve gonna give you a glimpse of your “Heaven”.


It’s ME, your body!

Just think...

You’ve made the decision to get back in shape once in for all.

It's been 30 days and you're no longer stressing over what workouts you should be doing and what foods you should be feeding me.

You're in phenomenal shape.

You look good.

Feel good.

And have been making some pretty crazy and unforgettable memories with your kids.

You're 10-20 pounds lighter.

Your favorite jeans no longer cut off my circulation as you bend over to tie your shoes.

Your shirt is hanging loosely off my midsection and no longer revealing my Ol' love handles.


... no longer readjusting your waistline in public.
... no longer hiding your body from the world.

You're 100% in control of ME.

How I move.

How I look.

You're no longer avoiding me in the mirror or avoiding shopping for new clothes.

My stupid stiff shoulder, lower back, and "bum knee" are no more.

I feel 10 years younger!

All because you took action.

You made the f*cking decision to change.

You took a chance and invested in me.

You either grabbed one of Hec’s programs or joined his 16 week men's coaching program and dove in head first.

You’re 100% amazed at how I'm feeling right now.

Back in control.





The way God designed me to be.

I’m in such great shape, I was able to chase your kids for over an hour straight WITHOUT gasping for air.

*Fist Pump*

In fact, you just taught your kid how to ride their bike and I was able to sprint 45 minutes by their side to make sure they didn’t fall.

Wow, well done man!

It's a memory they WILL NEVER FORGET!

Thanks for having my back!

And thanks for putting ME FIRST.


It’s time to show you

"... How to cheat, lie, steal, and how to use them to get what you want out of life."

Step 1: Schedule a 1 on 1 Strategy Call to chat with Hector.

On this call, he reveals his

3 Step Super-Formula to get back in shape, look good, feel good, manage the demons in your head, and reclaim your power & masculinity to become the husband & father your family deserves.

Step 2: On the call you’ll learn the cheat-code Hector discovered from a top Russian Sports Scientist of the former Soviet Union -- to maximize your strength, endurance, and fat loss efforts.

Swipe it and put it into action.

(Speaking of "swiping")

Step 3: While I never, ever recommend stealing—Hector assured me, he’s gonna show you 5 practical strategies you can steal directly from him (actually, he insists you do so), put them into action so you can see some serious results.

Results you've been chasing for years.

Tomorrow I’m gonna show you a lie you tell yourself at times and how to turn the same lie around to create a new story, cement a new belief system, and smash your internal struggles.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Have a Great night.

Love Always,

Your Body

P.S. Don’t forget to schedule a 1 on 1 Strategy Call with Hector, ok?

And certainly don't forget to swipe the cheat-code and steal his 3-step formula so you can see some immediate results.

You can schedule your 1 on 1 strategy call, here.