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How to get “Unstuck”

We're in a crazy time and are likely feeling “stuck”, yeah? Stuck in the same place either in your workouts or the foods you're eating.

Maybe you feel stuck in your biz or career.

We all get lost sometimes.

The more time we spend on this planet, the more stuck we’ll feel. What’s weird is... you’ll feel the MOST stuck after you’ve succeeded at something.

Maybe you’ve achieved a weight loss goal, achieved a certain rank in Jiu-Jitsu or have a  “best month ever” in your biz or career... shortly after, self-doubt starts to creep in.

“Can I keep this up?”

“Will I be able to maintain what I’ve accomplished?”

The quote unquote universe likes to screw with us and trip us up.

Kinda like the game of uno I was playing with the kiddos last night... right when you feel like you’re about to WIN and just called “UNO!”

... the player to your right says, “ha-ha... DRAW 4!”

Then the next player goes out and wins the game.

It’s not a bad thing to wake up the next morning and feel “stuck”.

It happens.

Stuck, major success, stuck, major success.

Stuck again.


If you’re an entrepreneur multiply these feelings x 10.

One day you have killer success, the next moment the world is crumbling down and you feel like you’re on the verge of bankruptcy.


The moment I feel this coming on, I go for a walk or seek quiet time. It’s when your freak the F-out and panic that you get REALLY lost.

Remember who you really are and what you’ve survived up until this point.

You have a purpose in this world.

You were created by God for a reason and ARE NOT an accident.

There wasn’t some “magical” BANG and you certainly ARE NOT the sludge on the forward edge of evolution...
i .e., an ape with a brief case.

At times your “purpose” will shimmer.

And sometimes, it’ll be right in your face.

But when you feel lost it’s barely a dot... miles and miles away to the point you’re not even sure what it is anymore.

Stay vigilant. 

Keep calm.

No one get’s out of here alive... but during the ride of life (how ever long or short) - you’ve got more control than you realize.

You’re the author of your life and can flip the script at anytime.

This's what your sphere of influence is for.

When you feel lost, reach out.

Don’t do what Red did on Friday and go cry in tha car.

You’re normal and it’s ok to feel stuck or like “you don’t belong”.

These feelings are part of your humanity.

Everyone has these feelings at times.

Good news is, there’s a way out.

There’s ALWAYS a way out of a bad spot.

Whether it’s feeling down about your weight, relationships, or bad financial decisions.

If you have medicine to take, take it.

If you have to lick your wounds and limp back to the beginning to start over because life beat your down... get the f*ck up and limp back.

The “universe” as fickle as it is respects movement... it has to.

When you feel stuck, keep moving forward.

I like to say, if you’re gonna fall, “fall forward”.

It’s another reason, movement is KING.

When you feel like crap, down on your luck, MOVE.

Go through the motions.

No matter how hard life kicks you in the balls... keep moving!

I'm pulling for ya!


Hec G.