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Don’t Take Shit From Anyone

Sup man... it's Hector. The other day... we had our first BizDev group call with a few guys talking “biz stuff” for personal growth. It's a free virtual group I put together... simply to give back.

Shortly after I began checking and responding to emails which included reviewing new subscribers to the SAH blog and message list.

(Yes, I, personally check each download and each email, it's my intention to do this as long as I can)

Lately I’ve been getting some “sketchy” subscribers. I’ve had everything from single initials to “Penis” as first names (yeah, I know!).

At first it was kinda funny but then I had a moment.

I was like, “hey, I run a business which helps men become the best and strongest versions of themselves so they can have more impact on their family… my work and expertise deserves better readers”.

So anytime I got a new subscription from Mr. Penis or an email which looked sketchy…

I straight up deleted the contact and revoked the subscription.

Today I had another one and felt it deserved a response (you can check it out here:

For a while now… I’ve had a 90 day “email purge” process in place.

My CRM (say hi to Alfred!)… seeks out subscribers who haven’t engaged with my messages in the last 90 days and marks them for deletion.

(Deleted or unsubscribed readers lose access to all content and free ebooks)

What’s an “engaged” reader?

Someone who at least opens or clicks a link in an email (aka: a message).


… on the 1st Thursday of each month, I don’t even check names.

I pull up the list.

Mass select.

And… *CLICK DELETE* without a thought.

My goal is to keep my message list lean, clean, and reserved for people looking in physical and emotional pain, need help... & have a drive to be better in this thing we call LIFE.

Look, I get it…

I don’t expect readers to open and read everything I put out (unless you want to ).

It’s a lot to keep up with and I know my messages are long.

(Not to mention you probably get 140 other random emails each day)

Which is why my email purge has a 90 day window.

Why am I doing something like this?


Protection of my work and content.

When people don’t open emails... Google and the interweb godz think no-one's interested in what I’m sending out. Therefore it moves my emails to a less-trusted server.

Meaning… my emails will be delivered to SPAM folders (classifying me as a SPAMMER).

Even if someone honestly subscribes and wants my content… google won’t show it to them because I have a bad reputation for sending emails to people not interested in them.

(in a nutshell, there's more to it but... it's all you need to know for now)

Make sense?


What does this have to do with YOU?

❓Where in your life do you feel your hard work and efforts weren’t being appreciated?

❓Is there a time in your life where you felt you didn’t receive the respect you deserve?

Strength is more than a number.

[•] It's more than reps and sets.
[•] More than muscle and fat loss.
[•] More than a 3 x BW deadlift.
[•] More than 150 snatches with a 24kg in 5 minutes.

(Those are GREAT but there's SO MUCH MORE)

It’s about being strong in character, morals, and integrity.

It's about being able to love and be vulnerable WITHOUT being judged for being... YOU.


… being a professional, a lady, and a gentleman doesn’t mean you have to take shit from anyone.


You deserve to be appreciated, respected, loved, and have peace knowing...


I’d love to hear your thoughts... drop something in the comments 👇🏾

and let me know what’s coming up for ya.

🥋 Hec G.

Btw… I just uploaded a fresh workout for ya on the Ol’ YouTube Channel.

>>> You can check it out here.

"Two Different Sized Kettlebells? NO PROBLEM! | WOW: Ep63"

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Hec G.