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Why “Praying” Won’t Help Solve Your Problems

Sup dude. Glad you're here. Today I wanna share why "praying" won't help solve your problems. Keep in mind... these thoughts are coming from a Christian.

If you're been struggling with:

- Pain
- Weakness
- Losing weight
- Struggling relationships

And an opportunity presents itself...

THE answer you've been seeking might be staring you in the face.

And you turn it away...

... you’re no different from the man in my story faced with drowning and is having "faith..." expecting God to "answer his prayers."

God sent him help.

But he turned it away.

Which is why... "Bible alone" and Faith without works IS DEAD.

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Why “Praying” Won’t Help You Solve Your Problems

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The last 10+ years I've notice some common internal and external distractions... keeping men from living their best lives.

If you've experienced... 

[•] Not making time to workout.

[•] Stressing over your weight the last few years and how your clothes have been fitting.

[•] Feeling like a loser or like you're not worthy of the good things in life because of your past experiences.

[•] Nagging injuries keep rearing their ugly head... keeping you from building some serious momentum.

[•] Your boss has been working you to death. Adding more responsibilities and taking advantage of how dependable you are. Leaving you feeling burnt out, and no longer looking forward to getting out of bed.

[•] As much as you love them, your family is stressing you the f*ck out (it's ok, you're only human)! Kids homework this, "can I have more to eat?", clean that, and "honey, don't forget to take out the trash".

You could say... it's a little "heart to heart" with yourself 🙂

  • Joe M says:

    Good stuff as always. I too find people that use their faith and/or play themselves as the “victim” role to be one in the same. They do not want to put themselves in control or responsible for their own actions.

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