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Ch 1 of 5: We Need To talk…

Hey!, it’s me, your conscience.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a long talk about what you’ve been up to.

I've sat back and witnessed some internal and external things distract you lately, like:

[•] Not making time to workout.

[•] Stressing over your weight the last few years and how your clothes have been feeling on this body we inhabit.

[•] Feeling like a loser or like you're not worthy of the good things in life because of your past experiences.

[•] Nagging injuries keep rearing their ugly head -- keeping you from building some serious momentum.

[•] Your boss has been working you to death, adding more responsibilities and taking advantage of how dependable you are—leaving you feeling burnt out, and no longer looking forward to getting out of bed.

[•] As much as you love them, your family is stressing you the f*ck out (It's ok, you're only human)! Kids homework this, "can I have more to eat?", clean that, and "honey, don't forget to take out the trash".

(if there's one thing you and I hate, it's being told what to do and taking out the damn trash, ok, that was two things)


I could go on and on but -- I think I've made my point.

I’ve been thinking for a while now about what I've witnessed and

... it's time you and I talk about how these internal and external "things" have been affecting the only body you and I will ever have.

I like to think of these "things" as, "resistance" (as in, Internal and external resistance).

And everyone has them, especially the guy or gal you see on social media portraying their perfect life.


... If you’re health is still suffering
... your clothes are still not fitting like you want

... you can't kick your addictions to the curb no matter how much you try.
... you’re still adjusting your waistline in public because you're NOT uncomfortable 
... and flat out unhappy with what you see in the mirror before you hop in the shower


what I’m about to share with YOU will be THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION you'll read this week.

Here’s what you can expect from me:

I will be writing to you each night for the next 5 days ~21:00 (9pm).

Why 9pm?

Because I don’t want there to be any distractions.

No kids.

No cooking.

No cleaning.

No working on the work you
brought from the office...


I need your undivided attention.

Again, what I’m gonna share with you will be the MOST REAL AND MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION you'll read this week...

to finally get you over the hump and completely annihilate the goals you’ve been chasing for years.

By 9pm you should be wrapping up your day and getting ready for bed.

At that point -- it will be just you and me.

(well, feel free to pull your spouse next to you so they can benefit too. Because they probably have no clue what you and I have been dealing with the last few years. In fact, they'll never understand and are likely not even really listening to you when you try to tell them, SO LET ME DO THE DIRTY WORK and I LIKE GETTING MY HANDS DIRTY! 😉).

That’s it for now.


Your "alway thinking of you" Conscience

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