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How to Power the 5 Elements of a Strongman

Got an exciting FREE TRAINING for ya but before I get into it. I wanna talk about the 5 Elements of a Strongman -- i.e., how to become a more balanced man.

If you're new or been a reader for a while... 

... I've been on a mission since 2018 to help men create balance between:

  • Work.
  • Family.
  • And personal alone time.

So they can get in shape in less than a couple hours per week. Allowing them to spend more quality time creating memories with their kids and NOT slaving to a gym.

To be successful doing this.

You need to learn how to balance the 5 elements of a strongman (a post for another day). What I wanna share with you today is HOW to power the 5 elements of a strongman.

In today's post, I reveal 1 of the 3 mechanisms from our system required to be successful in this endeavor.

How to Power the 5 Elements of a Strongman -- and become a more balanced man...

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When you get this mechanism right, 4 things happen:

  1. You have more time to do what you enjoy while possessing a strong, more capable body to play with your kids... without straining your back or pullin' a hammie.

  2. The days of feeling defeated, drained, overworked... and spinning your wheels are long gone.

  3. You'll be more consistence with your efforts which means... more consistent results in your work, family, and personal life.

  4. Not to mention... you'll boost testosterone, increase growth hormone, and... lower cortisol levels so you can drop some weight, build a little muscle, and feel better in your clothes.

Go check out how to power the 5 elements of a strongman, here.

And become a more balanced man, husband, and father.


P.S. - I ran a free training in our Gang of Better Men FB group you'll find helpful to becoming a more balanced strongman.

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See you on the other side.