Are you “Busy?” - Strong As Hec

"I'm busy!" ~ Everyone in the world

Every tell yourself this?

Or you ask a friend, "hey, how are you doin'?"

And the reply is always, "man I'm SO busy."

Like it's some badge of honor.

This's a common theme for most people.

It's the reason we start things but never finish.

It's the reason we don't get our workouts in.

The reason we never follow through with the side hustle we said we wanted to start.

Or maybe the reason we're not spending quality time with our family.

And just know.

I'm pointing the finger at myself too.

I've been the worst at this for years.

But what does this turn into?


... more wasted time.
... more wasted money.
... and lost potential memories.

Last night was our weekly group coaching call with the men of Better Man Blueprint. And we had a special guest on, my good friend -- and mentor -- Master StrongFirst certified instructor.

Jason Marshall.

He shared some of his life experiences around prioritizing our time, doing the hard things in life and... making hard decisions.

And it got me thinking about, "being busy."

Like I said.

I'm the worst at this.


Wanna know the TRUTH about being, "busy?"

Being busy is sign of being unorganized, ineffective, and mentally weak.

It's a sign of not having control of your life and schedule.

"Busy" is basically, "activity."

One of my customers from back in the day when I owned my bread business once told me -- and it's stayed with me to this day.

"Activity is like eating soup with a fork. It'll keep you busy but you'll go hungry."

There’s a difference between being “busy” and being PRODUCTIVE.

When you catch yourself saying, "I'm too busy."

Ask yourself.

"How am I spending my time?

Am I really busy?

Or am I d*cking around too much on FB worrying about people wearing -- or not wearing -- masks?

Am I being intentional with where I spend my time?"

A strong man displays control.

And a better man has control over his time.

Just a word to the wise.

Appreciate ya reading.


P.S. - How is this message sittin' with ya?

If it resonates drop a comment and let me know.

  • Joe M. says:


    I have no idea how you do it but I feel most of your posts are pointed directly at me. I really keep myself busy, but not with watching TV/Facebook or anything like that but always busy. I have a never ending to-do-list that grows everyday. The part that hit me with this post is the being unorganized. Am I really working as efficient as I could be? Doubtful. Just like working out maybe I need to look the priorities and let all the other “noise” just fall off.

    Thanks for the thoughts.

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