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“Accountability IS BULLSHIT!!”

In today's post I'm gonna choke slam this concept we've created called, accountability and why it keeping your from seeing REAL progress. But first... a little story.

Over the last 6 years—since the birth of our son. I’ve made a ton of compromises—many of which I'm not proud of—when it came to my health.

What I was feeding my mind and body kinda thing.

Leading to a point where I no longer recognized the person I saw in the mirror (more on what I’m doing soon).

And it's the inspiration for this post and what I wanna talk about today. As I embark on a journey to find Hector from 6 years ago.

One of the guys in the Better Man Blueprint (BMB) — shout out to Ryan — said some thing which struck a chord with me.

It’s been on my mind for a while now and... I was finally able to put it into words.

It’s this idea of...


Ever heard of it?

Ever feel like, "If I just had an accountability partner I could _____."

Here’s the problem with accountability.

You shouldn’t need accountability to do the work only you can do.

Accountability is an external source.

It's hand-holding.

A man shouldn’t need “accountability” to lead his family.

He shouldn’t need “accountability” to run his business, build his career, get--and stay--in shape.

A man of purpose doesn’t need someone to check on him to see if he’s eating the foods he knows he should be eating.  External accountability isn’t gonna motivate him to get in his workout so he can...

... build a strong & capable body and show up as the man he’s been called to be for his family and community.

We’ve coached over 1100 students the last decade and...

~3% of them have DONE THE WORK they said they'd do.

The other 97% did nothing.

Regardless of how much “accountability” was provided. It didn’t matter how much we encouraged and “motivated” them.

To be clear.

I’m not knocking them.

Simply presenting WHY accountability is bullshit — as Master Ken of Ameridote would put it.

Here’s what you DO need.

You need a proven system in place to keep yourself accountable. And to quote one of the guys from Better Man Blueprint.

“Systems are everything, will power is actually weak.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. You need proven systems and support to override “will power.”

You’re probably thinkin’, “Hector, you just said accountability is bullshit, now you’re saying I need a support system?”


Accountability and support are two different things.


Accountability is hand holding. Needing someone else to make sure you’re doing what YOU KNOW you should be doing. A support system — i.e., a coach — provides you with a REAL strategy rooted in a proven system.

He provides the key to the master lock of your life to get shit done. A support system helps you stay accountable to yourself.

Because here’s the dirty truth about accountability.

Needing accountability gives you an excuse to not do the work. Because if someone doesn’t hold you accountable.

You have the out.

“Well nobody checked on me... so it’s not my fault the program didn't work for me.”

It relieves you of holding yourself responsible.

It relieves you of the pain of having to do the work making it easy to dump off WHY you haven’t done what you’re supposed to do. And one of the reasons people feel they need accountability is because.

They don’t have control over their time.

You think, “well I'm busy and I just don’t have time!!”

You know this is a lie, right?

(I'll hulk smash this belief in another post soon)

When we’re in control of our time we don’t need accountability. This is one of the first lessons the men of BMB learn so they can regain control of their lives.

How to schedule and MAKE the time.

It’s part of the Better Man system built in to keep you accountable to yourself. Again, systems are everything and willpower is weak.

Blocking time for yourself is THE ONLY WAY to keep you accountable to yourself.

Just a word to the wise.

I’m only lookin’ our for ya.

hec g.