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The Perfect Storm

“I’m not worried about losing weight.”This is a very common response from guy when I ask them about their goals. And that’s good because FAT LOSS and body recomposition should be the main objective. But what happens when you lose body fat? You lose weight. Wait, what?!?!?! I know, shocking! Today I wanna share why fat loss, weight loss, whatever […]

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Are Calorie Deficits Wrecking Your Metabolism?

Ever lose a bunch of weight in one shot only to struggle dropping the last 5-10 pounds? (… even if you’re in a caloric deficit?)I know I’ve been there before… why is that? One word… Leptin. It’s one of your 7 key hormones responsible for dropping fat, regulating your appetite… and elevating your metabolism. It’s produced in your […]

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How To Have A *Softer Erection* + 9 Tips To Boost Testosterone…

You read that right… a SOFTER erection! Yeah… when I first read this I almost spit out what I was drinking. I’m sitting here doing research for a project and stumbled on something interesting. Did you know? The more fat you carry around your waist the more aromatase you produce? Aromatase is an enzyme which converts your testosterone into the female […]

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