Are Calorie Deficits Wrecking Your Metabolism? - Strong As Hec

Ever lose a bunch of weight in one shot only to struggle dropping the last 5-10 pounds?

(… even if you're in a caloric deficit?)

I know I’ve been there before... why is that?

One word... Leptin.

It's one of your 7 key hormones responsible for dropping fat, regulating your appetite... and elevating your metabolism.

It’s produced in your fat cells. It’s also responsible for suppressing your appetite.


If leptin comes from fat cells, this means…

… the more fat you have…

… the higher your Leptin levels will be.

Why Leptin should be important to you…

Like testosterone… Leptin influences the production (and release) of other hormones to regulate your metabolism. Such as your thyroid hormones T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine).

These hormones regulate your body's temperature, metabolism, and heart rate.

They increase the rate at which your body uses energy. Making it easier to drop weight fast, if… you have a lot of fat to lose.

How Leptin impacts your fat loss efforts... and why chronic caloric deficits and fasting are wrecking your metabolism.

When leptin levels are high… you make more T3 and T4… making it easier for you to drop fat.

When leptin levels drop… so does T3 and T4.

(Due to improper fasts and/or eating below maintenance for too long or you’re not sleeping.)

Making it tougher to drop fat.

Chronic caloric deficits are wreaking havoc on your metabolism and fat loss efforts... stop cutting your calories!

hec g.

‘Move more… eat less.’

Ever hear this?

The problem with this statement is…

… people take it to the extreme by working out too much and depriving themselves of food. Like eating less than 1000 calories a day.

(Kiss your metabolism goodbye.)

Here’s the problem with this mindset and “strategy”… pfff, I take it back… it’s not even a strategy.

Leptin shares a direct relationship with caloric intake. When you cut calories because ”fitpros” told you to “eat less” and ”move more”… leptin levels sink harder and faster than the Titanic… destroying your metabolism.

(And fat loss attempts… no matter how badass Strength Plan 701 or Kettlebell Berserk! is)

Which makes sense… because your body thinks food is scarce.

So it decreases your hunger and metabolism… slamming the door shut on how your body uses energy.

Leptin is also referred to as the ”anti-starvation hormone.” But… in today’s society… food isn’t scarce.

You no longer have to hunt your food.

Bash it over the head.

Skin it… and roast it over a camp fire to feed your tribe.

Chronic caloric deficits murder your fat burning hormones... and bring your fat loss efforts to a screeching halt.

Remember what I mentioned above?

When leptin levels are high… you release T3 and T4.

This elevates the rate at which your body uses energy.

(Read: you now have a higher metabolism… which means more fat loss).

Caloric restriction and fasting is AMAZING when you do it at the right time.

(and your re-feeds are on point.)

In fact...

... I teach this exact strategy to the men of our Elite Coaching Program and how to execute it during their day... without losing muscle.

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Brian Robinson

But… if you’re not getting in your total calories by the end of the week… you’ll continue to struggle dropping body fat while building muscle.

You’ll only get “smaller” not leaner.

The Catch 22

While decreasing your hunger to keep you alive… leptin leaves you in a sticky situation.

Yes, you need to eat in a caloric deficit to drop fat but… eating less and chronically cutting calories, handcuffs your body's ability to produce leptin.

Cutting off the flow and release of T3 & T4... which keeps your metabolism humming.

Here's the catch…

… the lower your Leptin levels are… the hungrier you become. Because your body kicks the next hormone… Ghrelin into gear, triggering hunger.

(And not in a good way.)

Leaving you ravenous… and clawing for foods not inline with your goals.

Not to mention… you now have the inability to stop eating because Leptin (the appetite suppressor) is in the dumps. Trapping and enslaving you to the dreaded cycle of yo-yo dieting.


Now what?


  • If you’re tired of not seeing progress.
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hec g.

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