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How To Have A *Softer Erection* + 9 Tips To Boost Testosterone…

You read that right... a SOFTER erection!

Yeah… when I first read this I almost spit out what I was drinking.

I’m sitting here doing research for a project and stumbled on something interesting.

Did you know?

The more fat you carry around your waist the more aromatase you produce?

Aromatase is an enzyme which converts your testosterone into the female hormone, estrogen.

Yeah… say hello to the dad bod, soft man boobs, and the dreaded limp d*ck!

If you got’em… sorry… I had them too (man boobs that is... minus the limp d*ck) at one point so I can call it like it is.

Not to mention… estrogen also makes it hard (no pun intended) for you to have an erection… true story.

I’m not sure about you… but this is a NO GO for me.

But it doesn’t have to be this way… several studies have revealed... testosterone can continue to stay normal and avoid the 1.6% yearly drops after 30...

with the right training, eating less processed foods, cutting the booze, smoking, and most importantly… limiting the amount of fat on your body.

So I thought I'd put together some quick and easy-to-follow steps to help boost testosterone levels for ya.

Here are...

9 things you can do right now to boost testosterone and keep aromatase from overtaking the characteristics which make you a man… you know… testosterone:

  1. Sleep more than 6 hours per night

  2. Lift heavy weights

  3. Train the explosive movements (sprints, jumping, kettlebell ballistics, etc... )

  4. Hit the grind exercises hard (press, squat, deadlift)

  5. Supplement with vitamin D (I recommend 1000-4000 IU/day)

  6. Also get in a high quality fish oil (omega 3’s)

  7. Don’t or stop smoking

  8. Eat more protein (2-3g per kg BW)

  9. Get in healthy animal fats

This’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

Talk soon,

Hec G.

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Hold on there princess.

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Am I right?

Who knows what this could lead to:

... am I not desirable?
... what's wrong with me?
... am I not attractive to him anymore?

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Emotionally and especially... physically.

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