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5 Muscle Building Mechanisms You Must Have

Often times... we make muscle building harder than it needs to be.  Is muscle building an easy task? No. In fact the more advanced you are and the longer you've been lifting... the harder it can be to build muscle.

Kinda like fast loss.

If someone is trying to lose 100 pounds... they'll lose it pretty quick due to high leptin levels as a result of high body fat.  The leaner you get... the harder it'll be to keep dropping BF.

Same is true for men trying to put on muscle.  If you're new to working out or you're coming off a layoff... the easier it'll be for you to build muscle.

If you've been in the game for a while, are pretty lean, and have built some muscle... it gets trickier.

In lieu my newest eBook coming out this month... I wanted to drop you a quick post about

5 Muscle Building Mechanisms You MUST have

If building maximum muscle with minimum fat is important to you that is... 

// Mechanism #1: Volume //

To quote R.A. Roman in his 1986 work, “Everything else being equal, an increase in the training volume facilitates a large increase in muscle mass and muscle mass dec​reases when the volume is lowered”

Knowing how much volume you need each day, week, and month so you can build maximum muscle, gaining little fat and... knowing when & where to cut the volume to prevent over training and stalling your progress is a non-negotiable.

// Mechanism #2: Intensity //

Intensity can be measured in a variety of ways like: the weight being used (barbell, body weight, or kettlebell), effort, time / density, and single vs. double kettlebell work.

Whichever method is used… intensity is arguably the most important variable for muscle building.

Most people base intensity on a percentage of one rep maximum (1RM). While this is great for powerlifting and weightlifting... it simply wont do the trick for beginners.

Especially if you wanna build muscle with kettlebells.

Knowing the exact weights to use and how much volume to apply to those weights can make or break your muscle-building efforts.

// Mechanism #3: Mechanical Loading //

To build muscle without gaining fat... you need to know how much stress to put your body through to deploy the right muscle-building effect. The wrong loading can lead to a particular muscle building effect and decrease your strength gains.

To prevent burnout and jumping from one shiny object to the next... knowing how to vary the mechanical load can burst open the flood gates to more muscle.

// Mechanism #4: Exercise Variability Based on a Continuum //

You can't simply throw random exercises together in the hopes of building muscle. I mean you can but... you'll only be spinning your wheels. Each day you MUST vary the method of training and selection of exercises.

This allows you to stay fresh.
Accelerate your strength skills.
And increase intensity without moving up a weight.

// Mechanism #5: Rest Periods //

Now that you have the first 4 mechanisms dialed in... knowing how to deploy the right rest intervals can seal the deal. Like volume... rest needs to vary day to day and week to week according to the right volume and Intensity.

When you get these mechanisms right... the strength Gods will lay all the muscle of your desires at your feet.

Gotta bounce.

Stay Strong,

🥋Hec G.

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