Have you ever heard people -- or “success gurus” say this?

I say, screw that.

Focus on your strengths!

Focusing on your weaknesses brings more frustration and self-doubt.

Instead... Focus on your strengths while surrounding yourself with people who are stronger in your weaknesses.

If you surround yourself with others who don’t value health, strength, and being a more balanced strongman...

... you won’t either.

If you surround yourself with others who eat like an asshole all the time...

... you will too.

But if you add more people to your circle who have what you want... your weaknesses will submit to your strengths.

Maybe your strength is doing the physical work (i.e., the workouts) and eating the right foods is your weakness.

Then add more people who live a healthier lifestyle to your circle of influence.

If you want to be more successful in your career... add more successful business-minded peeps to your network.

Here’s how to focus on your strengths...

Find what you enjoy doing -- FIRST -- and you'll discover... 

... what you’re willing to suffer for.

That’s it.

How do you do this?

Well... in the beginning... you’ll need to try many things you don’t like doing and are uncomfortable with.

(It's the only way, really)

There’s something to be said for doing things you aren’t comfortable with.

The end goal?

To find something you love doing -- i.e., something worth suffering for.

Because... once you find what you love doing.

You’ve found something worth suffering for... only then will you see success. Many guys reach out to me and say they struggle with consistency.

Well, guess what friend...

... they haven’t found something worth suffering for. Another thing you hear gurus talk about is, “Falling in love with the process”.

They say this is the key to success.

I disagree.

You can’t fall in love with the process of something you don’t enjoy doing.

(And aren’t willing to suffer for)

Did you know... the heart attack rate increases by 35% on Monday’s?!


Because people HATE what they do.


Once you find what you’re willing to suffer for... only then can you fall in love with the process.

ONLY THEN will you do the hard work.

Because to you.

It’s worth it.

ONLY THEN will you be consistent.

But you'll never be consistent if you... 

focus on your weaknesses!


Focus on your strengths. The only way to focus on your strengths is to find what you love doing.

Maybe it’s working out with kettlebells.

Getting on the mat for some Jiu-Jitsu.

Hittin' the road for a dopamine-boosting run.

Whatever -- doesn't matter really.

When it comes to food, cook the foods you enjoy eating (obviously you shouldn’t be eating like an asshole all the time).

Only then will you have a cause worth suffering for.

Only then can you, fall in love with the process and become obsessed with smashing your goals.

And only then will you do the hard work to finally breakthrough and no longer be sitting where you’re at today... 6 months from now.

THIS is what leads to consistency.

And consistency leads to the "Better Man Cycle" of perpetual RESULTS.

If you struggle with consistency... you haven’t found a cause worth suffering for.

Because once you do... only then will you fall in love with the process, do the hard work, and only then will you be consistent.

Just a word to the wise.

Appreciate you reading.

hec g.

P.S. If you know you’re not where you wanna be... maybe you thought you could figure it out on your own... but it’s been 6 months (or more) and you’re still in the same place...

I’ve opened a few spots on my calendar for a Break-Free strategy call... would love to chat with ya and see how I can help.

Talk soon.

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    Love this article it really hit home for me. Thank you for being such inspirational coach and mentor.

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