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WHY You Can’t Trust Your Wife

Ever wonder why the queen is the MOST POWERFUL piece on the chess board... and the king looks like a stumbling fragile idiot?

I mean for real… the dude can only move one stinking square at a time (what’s up with that?)…

… while the queen is the most influential and most dangerous piece in the Army.

When a man & woman pair bond to consummate their marriage… the man absorbs some of his wife’s traits… and his woman absorbs many of his traits.

In other words… your wife becomes your weakness… and you become her strength.

That’s right… your wife is your weakness (NOT to be confused with her being "weak").

This is the exchange of power.

(And why men and women will NEVER be equals)

Women want a powerful man (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) to exchange their sexual and reproductive energy… for his strength & masculine power.

The queen is SO powerful because she gets her power from you… her man… her king. And as a consequence… you (the king) become weak… and can "only move one square at a time."

It's why when you're having a hard day and your wife says... "don't workout, I haven't seen you all day... let's relax, order a pizza, and have a beer."

Or maybe she "wants" you to come home early from work so you can spend more time together... and your give in to her whims.

(And of course you give in... she's your weakness)

This’s why you can’t trust your wife.

Especially when it comes to making decisions on doing what a man is called to do… his work.

As a man, your purpose is to work by the sweat of your brow.

Today your work includes…

… putting food on the table and getting in the best shape possible to ensure the survival of your family/tribe.

I’ve worked with and talked to over 1100 men and women over the past 10 years. And the most common reason for them not taking action towards their goals and doing their work is…

“Let me see what my wife (or husband) thinks… I wanna make sure I have his/her support on this.”

(Read: I need permission)

Depending on your wife for support to do the work only you can do…. IS A MISTAKE!

You may be thinking… “if my wife and I are in sync and work towards our goals - together… we'll be closer and more successful.”

Again, wrong.


A few reasons:

  1. Your work… is YOUR work and needs to be tackled by you with the support of other MEN.

    Why other men?

    Because men seek approval, recognition, and respect from other men… NOT women.

    (You don’t have to work too hard when you’re surrounded by women... big fish small pond kinda thing)

  2. Your wife doesn’t want to feel like you need her or can’t get it done without her (deep down it’s a turn off).

    She may think she does… or it’s cute you wanna grow on the same journey together but she doesn’t.

    Your work is YOUR work.

    Having the support of your wife doesn’t mean doing your work together.

    Her support should come in the form of encouraging and pushing you to live your purpose…

    i.e., doing the work only you can do: like lifting the weights (this's what I call, doing the hard things in life... both literal and metaphorical), building the business, and protecting the tribe. 

  3. She is your weakness. End of story.

And this’s where you can fall off, spine your wheels, and waste more time.

In the husband/wife relationship... you are her strength, she feeds on it and it’s her source of power. If you rely on her as your support and accountability system to fulfill your needs as a man...

... this can lead down a dangerous path (I’ve seen it happen to many men, myself included).

I’m sure your wife has tried on many occasions to encourage you but… it never goes over well with you.


Because deep down it feels like she’s telling you what to do (and you hate it)… am I right?

(think: throwing out the trash)

Kinda like when you tell her, “hey… you should do this or wear this.”

And she’s like, “eh, I’m not sure that’s a good idea or I look fat in that.”

Then one of her girl friends says the same thing and your wife thinks it’s brilliant.

(This works both ways btw)

As a man… it's your purpose to do the work only you can do… and relying on your wife for support - only leads to more frustration (on both sides).

You represent the strength in the relationship.

If your wife needs to give you masculine energy (which she doesn’t have)…

... to support you - it violates her femininity.

She wants to exchange her female sexual power for YOUR masculine strength, power, and energy. She wants to feel your strength and doesn’t want to feel you need her support to be good and being a man.

I’ll leave you with this.

To get to where you wanna be... you need an objective source of coaching, support, and accountability to shoot you straight - every time.

Something your wife cannot provide, objectively.

Which is why I’m here to support ya... and so is my gang of better men.

If you wanna chat about how I can help make this happen for you… drop a comment and let me know.

Stay strong,

hec g.