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The hardstyle academy is for you IF you:

** Need help building discipline so you can become a better man.
**Are ready, willing, and able to invest in yourself.
**Are coachable and an action taker.

It's NOT for you IF:

**You make excuses about, "why you don't have time."
**You're not ready to be challenged and put in the work to become better.
**You're indecisive and need to "talk to your wife" before starting. 

Success Stories...

More feedback from the men...

"Best investment I ever did."

"The best written programs I've seen to date."

"Working with you has not only improved me physically but also mentally."

"Hector has helped me break free from restraints."

"He helped me ace my kettlebell recertification in less than 5 weeks."

"First workout regiment I've completed for 4 weeks! Ever!"

"I was in the worst place in life physically!"

"Have to get new pants."

"Recovery is better than ever."

"This program has humbled me in a way I can't explain."