1. Are her top 5-10 values inline with your values❓
  2. Do her virtues match yours in kind and magnitude❓
  3. Do you have compatibale beliefs❓(Money, religion, politics, etc...)
  4. Have you met her father... if so - what is her relationship with him (it’s likely she’ll treat you the same way)❓
  5. Does she push and inspire you to do better and follow your purpose (a woman of high value will push you towards your higher value)❓
  6. Can you connect with her on all 4 parts of being a human: mind, body, spirit, and emotions❓
  7. Can you live with her weaknesses (embrassing her weaknesses is a huge part of a successful relationship/marriage)❓

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means but... it’s a good starting point for sure.

In the end... judge/choose a woman who possesses virtue (the instrinsic good and to seek the good) and value besides her body and sex.

A smoking hot body and sex can be found anywhere but... VIRTUE is hard to find.

What do you think of this list?

Do any of them speak to you?

Let me know in the comments 👇🏽

hec g.

P.S. if you’re a lady reading this... the same identifiers can be applied to your man.

  • Joe M says:

    Great post as always. It reminds of the great, maybe a little cheesy, movie quote from the movie End of Watch. The scene was where Mike and Brian were in the car and Brian is talking about his new girlfriend. Mike asks a very simple question….Can you live without her? If so, then walk away.

    • I remember that scene for sure. With that said, I can live without my wife — sounds harsh. Do I want to, NO!!
      I say this because my life, my purpose, my identity rests in a greater power beyond this world. But totally get the quote.

      Appreciate you as always my man. Enjoy the KBPP!!

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