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😧 A Piece of Your Flesh…

In today‘s society it’s getting harder and harder to say “NO”.

Saying “NO” can be uncomfortable - I struggle with it often.

If you say “NO” to going out with friends, eating out, and even pushing hard in your workouts... you’re criticized.

People today glorify the fact if... you’re NOT training HARD AF or you take it easy for the day... you’re a p*ssy and not serious about your goals.

(Keep in mind, this’s an insecurity of something going on in their life and has nothing to do with you)

In episode 1460 of My Rodgers... he’s replacing a light bulb in a traffic light he has in his living room.

All the lights are working but the green light.

This is a great life-lesson because...

If you’re always on the GO - it’s only a matter of time till YOUR green light burns out.

Remember... the yellow and red lights are also important.

It’s ok to slow down at times... and even STOP.

How many life-altering crashes would there be if people ignored the yellow and red lights?

WOW... what a powerful metaphor for life.

(What yellow and red lights in your life are you ignoring?)

In Ryan Holiday’s book, “Stillness is The Key” he compares TIME with a piece of your flesh.

How much time are you giving away to things OR PEOPLE which are not serving you?

When you say “YES” to everything... what are you saying “NO” to?

If you say yes to eating out, drinking, and staying late at work (AGAIN)...

... you’re saying “NO” to other things like: your health and precious time with your family.

Here’s what I want you to practice doing this week...

Identify where in your day you can say, "NO".

... NO, sorry, I’m not available.

... NO, this sounds great but I’ll pass.

... NO, I can’t eat cake, I’m committed to my goals.

... NO, sorry, another glass of wine sounds great but I’ll pass.

... NO, I can’t go harder in my workout, I have a scheduled time built in by my coach.

How can you serve yourself and your family if you’re stretched too thin?

It’s pretty easy.

The world is flooded with time vampires seeking to devour your time and they’ll graciously suck as much time from you as you’re willing to give.

When you say “YES” to them, remember...

As Ryan Holiday perfectly wrote in Part 3 of his book, “when you give your time to someone or something... you’re giving a piece of your life (TIME).

”You’re giving a piece of your flesh in exchange for something you may not even want... or for something which will not best serve you in the future.

Time = your life.

Time = your flesh and blood.

It’s something you can NEVER get back.

Where are you spending your time and where can you say “NO”?

If you can resonate with today’s post... drop a comment.

🥋 Hec G.

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  • Brad says:

    Would love to be able to access this video without having to re-register for Facebook. Is it available any where else?

  • Shane says:

    Just like Brad, I’d love to access the video but am no longer on Facebook. Also, I’m sure you’re aware but just downloaded and reading through KBWS and it is LEGIT and an incredible value. I’m coming off a long sedentary period and some nagging injuries so the program progression is perfect!

    I’ll be purchasing one of your programs in the next couple of weeks just to show appreciation for the incredible content even though I’ll have to work up to them. Thank you Hector!

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