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[Fat Loss Hack] Faster Fat Loss Without Working Out More?

… you know when it comes to faster fat loss and seeing REAL results from the hard work you’ve been putting into your kettlebell workouts… there's ONE piece you’re probably leaving out.

It’s rarely talked about in terms of results and performance.

In fact…

Many influencers glorify the fact they leave it out and if you’re “doing it” you’re not training HARD AF or you’re not serious about progress.

What am I talking about?


I know, boring topic, right?

Well, if result are important to you and you want to have a bigger impact on your family - then listen up and read this entire post, ok?

I’m willing to bet your addiction to coffee and stimulants are connected to a lack of sleep.

If you’re a healthy individual and can HONESTLY say you’re workouts AAAAAND eating habits are on point and you’re not seeing the results you envisioned…

… you MUST take a look at your sleep - or lack there of.

I’ve mentioned in the past how’ve experimented with my sleep when I was recovering from abdominal surgery.

I did stints where I slept 4 hours or less and slept 7-8+ hours.

The results where shocking!

In fact…

… last night I hate a HUGE meal in my eating window:

  • 1 pound of ground beef (cooked in one cup of 5 cheese marinara)
  • 2 cups of veggies and
  • Washed it down with 3 eggo waffles, 3 table spoons of fresh peanut butter, and a casein protein shake (30g of protein).

Followed by 7 hours of sleep.

Guess what happened?

This morning I was down 3 pounds!

Why is that?

How was this possible?

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say - your results are MORE tied to your sleep than they are to the workouts you’re doing and foods you’re eating.

I know…

… CRAZY talk, right?!

You’ve heard the cliche, abs are made in the kitchen.

Have've heard this, yes?

If not, then there’s a saying around this, LOL.

Drop this idea from you brain - it’s a half truth.

Abs are also made while you sleep.

If you’re not seeing results aaaand you’re on point with your workouts and eating…

it’s likely your hormones are in the dumps because you’re NOT sleeping enough.

If you’re not sleeping - these 2 hormones are making you FAT.

// Hormone #1: Leptin //

Leptin is a hormone which promotes satiety (feeling full) and a major regulator of a healthy metabolism.

If you're slacking in the sleep department, you’re gonna find yourself creeping to the pantry at night for salty snacks and starchy foods due to increased levels of ghrelin.

(a hormone responsible for increasing hunger)

Which leads us to… ehem…

// Hormone #2: Ghrelin //

This study shows a reduction in sleep duration to four hours for two consecutive nights has been shown to decrease leptin and increase ghrelin levels and...

... jacks your hunger to the next level.

Can you see the vicious cycle here?

Because you're NOT sleeping enough - ghrelin is through the roof, your hunger is out of control (you're not even sure why you're eating, you just are) and to add insult to injury...

... you're not being satisfied because leptin levels are in the dumps and your body doesn't know if your full - or not.

It's a chronic recipe of hormone soup - so eat up if you continue to slip in the sleeping dept.

Now that the hormones are out of the way... and I've shown how a lack of sleep can pack on the pounds...

... let's talk about how sleep can transform you into a lean muscle-building machine.

R.E.R = The Key to Fat Loss?

"RER" stands for respiratory exchange ratio.

Fat (fatty acids) and glucose (blood sugar) are the preferred and major sources of fuel for the body.

To use them efficiently, your body must take in enough oxygen.

Oxygen allows fat and glucose to be "burned" as fuel.

The result is the waste product, carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) - kinda like your car burning gas with the body's "exhaust" being CO2 and water.

RER dictates which energy source is being used.

High RER

High RER means the primary energy source is coming from carbs (glucose).

During exercise methods like: kettlebell complexes, chains, and KB Athletics, you're in a high state of RER.

(which is WHY carbs ARE SO IMPORTANT for performance)


When RER is low, the primary energy source is coming from fats (fatty acids).

Check out this chart...

Faster Fat Loss

(Photo courtesy of National Academy of Sports Medicine)

You'll notice, the highest percentage of calories come from fat when RER is at "0.71".

You're probably asking yourself, "if the highest percentage of the bodies fuel comes from fat when RER is at 0.71 - then why shouldn't I train at this level all the time?!"

Great question.

The answer to this is simple - the ONLY time the body can be at 0.71 RER is when it's at complete rest - i.e., SLEEP!

The R.E.R Double Whammy

For faster fat loss (so you can see more of your hard earned muscle) train at an avg. heart rate of 75-80% of maximum HR.

(More on HR zones, energy sources, and fat loss in a sec)

This correlates to 0.90 - .095 RER = majority of calories are coming from carbs (glucose).

Which means - you're depleting glycogen and once glycogen levels are depleted - you're tapping into stored  body fat.

Then increase your sleep to 7-9 hours each night to drop your RER to 0.71 - leaving fat as the majority energy source.

BOOM - The R.E.R Double Whammy!

This's how to double down on fat loss and increase muscle-building without ANY additional work.

Good news is, you don't have to worry about all the science.

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Literally, there's MORE.


Hec G.

P.S. -----> In the grand scheme of things the law of thermodynamics runs supreme (burning more calories than you consume = fat/weight loss).


… there's certainly something to be said about using the right energy source to double down on your fat loss attempts and boosting performance as well - there’s the science too supporting it.

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