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The Remote Father

Sup dude...

The last several weeks I feel the Lord has been calling me to share a more personal side of my life. Particularly, my faith.

From time to time I’ll be sharing my reflections on the “daily readings”.  Each morning pray my rosary, leisurely read a book of my choice... then I go through the readings for the day.

What are these "daily readings?"

They're daily readings of scripture from the Bible.

But, they aren‘t some random collection of... out of context scriptural readings to prove an argument or sooth one's subjective understanding of truth.


These are strategically paired readings based on the Roman Missal of the Catholic Church—the same way the early Church Fathers read scripture.

Through the same Church which decided which books would go into the Bible ~300 A.D.

At the end of my readings, I write a reflection of what the message means to me... often times, I’m only asking questions... trusting God will reveal the answer to me when I'm ready.

My goal with sharing this is, primarily... my own seeking of objective truth.

By taking my faith and seeking to better understand it - and how I can use these teachings as a model to better form myself as the man, husband, and father I‘ve been called to be—and to be a better man for [you] my brother.

So here we go...

The Remote Father

So I’m reading through Iron John (p.25) where The author talks about “the remote father”... and I’m making some good connections to Christ and the Incarnation.

(I take prudence in the words I'm reading from other men - and find how I can tie the message to Christ and His Church. We must always take prudence on what we allow into our mind.)

I'm also re-reading John’s Gospel as per the recommendation of my mentor, Rick—which he (St. John) in context... speaks to the Person of Christ.

On page 25 of Iron John, the author references the “messages” the mother sends out.

“Some mothers send out messages that civilization and culture and feeling and relationships are the things which the mother and the daughter, or the mother and the sensitive son, share in common, whereas the father stands for and embodies what is stiff, maybe brutal, what is unfeeling, obsessed, rationalistic: money-mad, uncompassionate.

'Your father can’t help it.’

So the son often grows up with a wounded image of the father—not brought about necessarily by the father’s actions, words, but based on the mother’s observation of these words or actions.” ~ Robert Bly, Iron John


According to the author… knowing how to feel can only be taught by the mother?

Reading this from a Christian perspective, “Mother”, can also represent "the world” we live in today.

While this can certainly teach us a lesson of today’s reality of the relationship between mother and son... and father and son.

It also tells us a particular story of who “the world” says the Father is... who God is.

He’s oppressive, can’t be trusted, and can be harmful to the emotional intelligence of the son.

The result?

The father is marginalized... hell… to the point the son is told he doesn’t even exist.

They (the world) replace God with terms like, “the universe”, “vibrational energy”, and other teachings on astrology and the occult.

Anything but identify the SOURCE/WHO this energy and “the universe” IS.

The prophet Isaiah speaks on astrology in chapter 47:13-15 where he addresses the fall of Babylon.

“(13) You wearied yourself with many consultations, at which you toiled from your youth; Let the astrologers stand forth to save you, the stargazers who forecast at each new moon what would happen to you.

(14) Lo, they are like stubble, fire consumes them; They cannot save themselves from the spreading flames. This is no warming ember, no fire to sit before. (15) Thus do your wizards serve you with whom you have toiled from your youth; Each wanders his own way, with none to save you.” ~ Isaiah 47:13-14

Christ came through His Mother, Our Lady (the new Mother) to reveal THE FATHER—Who IS Love!

This is why, before Christ... we lacked connection to the Father in Heaven. He knew he was "remote"… requiring him to take on flesh and become the Word Incarnate. So He could break the "remote father cycle."

God wanted us to KNOW Him as the Father: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (4 of the 5 key elements of a strongman).

He wanted to reveal his heart to us, show us how to love… and how to love each other… but most importantly - HOW TO FEEL as men.

An objective model and blueprint for us men to follow to break our own "remote father cycle." Our own "toxic cycles."

... so we can BECOME better men, husbands, and fathers.

"The object of one's knowledge or desire must be truth."

And Our Lady—the NEW mother, the NEW Eve—made this possible through her fiat—her "yes"at the Annunciation of Our Lord. Bringing us knowledge of the father.

Who willed Himself - to no longer be remote.

Where in your life can you identify being the remoter father in your own life for your family? Drop a comment below and let me know 👇🏾.

Appreciate you reading.

hec "former remote father" g.

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