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Principle #1 of Being a Man?

I’ve been working on a small project of 12 Better Man Principles I believe any man looking to become BETTER, or more masculine should possess.

And if you know me or been a reader for any period of time… I think you know the first one:

Be physically strong.


“Lifting the weights” is the most important thing a man can do.

Lifting the weights is a man's work.

It’s also doing what's uncomfortable to him… to ensure the survival of his family.

Strength forges him a more capable body… to take life’s punch and take care of himself.

Physical strength positions him to overcome his mental barriers and slay the Goliaths in his life.

But only if he lifts HEAVY.

Why heavy?

(Sounds kinda egotistical, doesn’t it?)

Because heavy weights must be respected.

Lifting heavy requires focus and intentions.

Heavy weights prohibit a man from watching TV while he trains.

Lifting heavy... leaves no room for surfing social media… as he preps for his next pull or set of presses.

All mental-hands must be on deck.

No sissy weights allowed.

But how heavy… is “heavy?"

Something heavy enough to respect but also light enough to recovery from.

Typically a 5 rep max weight (~80-85% of 1RM).

Anything lighter requires less focus.

Leave the high rep stuff for your ballistic work (and even then… you should keep your reps 10 or less per set, for the most part).

You might be thinkin’… “yeah, yeah, Hector… I already know all this. Keep the reps to 5 and under… anything more is cardio.”

Ok, fair enough.

So let me ask you... why aren’t men doing the work in front of them?

I talk to many guys on a weekly basis… once we start breaking down the training or eating pieces… I hear the same things

Yeah, I already know that but… 
Yeah, I know how much protein to eat, etc…
Yep, I’ve read several articles on this and even took a course.

Then… why aren’t men doing the work?!

Then… why aren’t men doing the work?!

If men know so much as a result of spending countless hours “doing research”… why aren’t they better?

Reminds me of something I heard Pavel say once at an Andy Bolton workshop in 2015 - when it came to “doing the research”.

(and I paraphrase)

"If you know so damn much… then why aren’t you stronger?”

Classic Pavel.

Too many men get lost “doing research” on everything which goes into giving birth to a plan and it paralyzes them from taking action.

We know what we should be doing yet... we don’t take action on it.

We aren’t doing the work in front of us.

This is UNMANLY.

As men… our purpose is our work… and doing our work is manly and masculine.

So what’s up with that?

Here’s what I think.

Their value system is out of alignment and they’re out of integrity with their words.

When you don’t know your value system - how can you expect to “lift the weights”.

I wrote about this a couple weeks ago.

Once you find what you’re willing to suffer for... only then can you fall in love with the process.

ONLY THEN will you do the hard work... because to you... it’s worth it, you value it.

ONLY THEN will you be consistent.

And ONLY THEN will you lift the weights.

Which is why I’m hosting a FREE LIVE WORKSHOP to help men uncover their value systems...

so they can take action towards the goals they’ve been chasing for years… and stop f*cking around - so they can step into their full manhood.

And live a more fulfilled life & lead their family from the front - with strength and confidence.

If you're already registered... then cool - I look forward to seeing you!

I’ll be going live on Zoom, Saturday morning, 15 August @ 11:00 CDT.

Be sure to bring a pencil, note pad, and be ready to learn.

You’ll also be getting a 5 Core Principles to Manhood e-Workbook… so you can follow along and:

✅ Identify your values.

✅ Strategically align your “3 BIG ROCKS”.

✅ And deploy your Better Man Daily Statement.

These strategic pieces are crucial… it’s why the men in Better Man Blueprint have seen wild success.

Without these pieces… you’ll continue to drown in the vortex of “yeah I already know how to do _____.”

You’ll continue to waste MORE money, MORE time, and remain handcuffed to where you’re at - 6 months from now.

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hec g.

P.S. Don’t put this off, ok?

Don’t get lost “doing more research”… one day you’re gonna wake up, you're > 40 years old and thinking, sh*t how'd I get here?

“What have I done with my life… is this all there is?”


>>> Register here for my FREE LIVE WORKSHOP: 5 Core Principles to Manhood