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Rolling With My Black Belt Bro’s

I’ve mentioned here on the blog — I started training on Sunday’s to “get out of my comfort zone” and do something active on Sunday’s.Instead of vegetating on the couch all day after a busy week.Here’s some insights from this past Sunday. Enjoy!Hec G.P.S. —–> If you’re enjoying these videos — be sure to subscribe […]

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Double Kettlebell Jerk: Rōnin Beta 2.0 | Day 1

Well, the day is getting closer — the official release of our double kettlebell jerk program & training system: Kettlebell Berserk!.Within KBB is a complete 3-part training system called: RōninThe following 3 phases make up Rōnin: Phase 1: Strength & Power Phase 2: Strength Endurance Phase 3: Endurance (pending one final beta test, ehem, via this […]

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3 Reasons Strength Training for Jiu-Jitsu is SO Important

Is strength training for Jiu-Jitsu really that important? Well, before I answer the question, there’s a VERY common mindset in the BJJ world––leverage and technique are king and “Jiu-Jitsu was created for the little guy”.Well, those are half truths…. Yes, Jiu-Jitsu is about leverage…. Yes, it’s about technique over brute strength.It’s a true statement if […]

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Total Body Strength & Power for BJJ

In today’s post, I’m gonna show you how to get in an awesome total body strength & power for BJJ “workout” (it’s not really a workout but rather a ‘maintenance’ sessions). Bodyweight has been one of my most challenging disciplines post surgery. Unlike kettlebells and barbells where you can manipulate the weight — your bodyweight is, well, […]

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