Double Kettlebell Jerk: Rōnin Beta 2.0 | Day 1 - Strong As Hec

Double Kettlebell Jerk: Rōnin Beta 2.0 | Day 1

Well, the day is getting closer -- the official release of our double kettlebell jerk program & training system: Kettlebell Berserk!.

Within KBB is a complete 3-part training system called: Rōnin

The following 3 phases make up Rōnin:

✅ Phase 1: Strength & Power
✅ Phase 2: Strength Endurance
✅ Phase 3: Endurance (pending one final beta test, ehem, via this blog post)

The reason for the 3 phases is -- to guide you step-by-step through the correct process to improve your endurance for Jiu-Jitsu, everyday life, and simply become badass.

It's damn near full-proof -- if I must say.

(Actually, I do say ;))


Phase 3 in not 100% complete.

I know which direction I want to go but, I want your insight as well as this will be you plan.

You see, everything we do here at the SAH blog is NOT based on theory -- but rather, practical application.

And that's where our readers come in (i.e., YOU).

You reap the benefits by testing it, getting ridiculous results, then give us feedback on how to make it better before the official release. 

With that said, I'm launching a 3-day beta test.

I've written 3 potential plans for phase 3 but, I'll like them ALL and can't chose which one (LOL). Honestly -- any of the 3 will be suitable.

I already know which one I want 🙂

But I want to see what you think. The beta test starts Monday. To join the 3-day beta test...

>>> click here, register, and then join our private FB group to share your workouts, get support, and engage in our AWESOME community of other like-minded men on the same journey as you.

See you inside the beta test!

🥋 Hec

P.S. This link above is not longer active as the beta test is now over 🙁